9 Best Doctor Career Illness In Sims 4


One of the most complicated jobs in The Sims 4: Get to Work is being a doctor. Here’s a list of all the different diseases!

In The Sims 4, being a doctor is one of the most difficult jobs. Get To Work gives players access to this active job, where they can join their Sims at work and control what happens. But be careful: it’s not easy to be a doctor.

As a doctor, a Sim must correctly figure out what’s wrong with a patient. The Sim must know about eight illnesses, ranging from mild to dangerous. If they get it wrong, they won’t be able to do their jobs well, which puts their career and the lives of their patients at risk. Here are all the diseases that a doctor Sim should know about.


Before you look at specific diseases, you need to know how to spot the most common signs of illness. These things:

  • Cough or Sneeze
    • Coughing animation
  • Dizzy
    • Stars above head
    • Dizziness animation
  • Fever
    • Wipes forehead
    • Think about thermometers
    • Steam released from ears
  • Gas
    • Green clouds of gas escaping from the Sim
  • Headache
    • A faint red aura or halo around the head
    • Sim often touches their forehead
  • Itchiness
    • Sim scratches themselves
  • Rashes
    • A swirly or star-shaped rash mark on a Sim’s body
    • A tiger stripe rash on a Sim’s body
    • Green and orange spots on a Sim’s body
  • Stomach Pain
    • Sim clutches stomach

Bloaty Head

Symptoms: Headache, Fever

Even though it seems clear, Sims with Bloaty Head will have a headache. You should be able to see a thin line around their head, almost like an aura. In this case, pain is in the air. They will also have steam coming out of their ears. This is a sure sign that they have Bloaty Head.

Sounds pretty crazy to have steam come out of your ears. Is this what headaches look like in the Sims? No matter what it is, you can help the patient by giving them a shot. Sounds like a lot for a headache, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Sweaty Shivers

Symptoms: Spot Rash, Itching, Fever

Sims with Sweaty Shivers may also let out steam from their heads. This means they have a fever. They could also have spots on their bodies, which are usually orange or green and look sickly.

Itchiness is another sign, so if you see a patient scratching, make a note of it. The last thing that could happen is a thought bubble with a temperature above them. If they have all of these signs, it’s likely that they have Sweaty Shivers. Give them a shot, and they’ll be as healthy as a horse in no time.


Symptoms: Gas, Giggling, Stomach Pain, Tiger rash

This illness pretty much does what it says on the tin: the Sim who has it will laugh a lot and have gas. They laugh at odd times, and sometimes they can’t stop. They will also burp every now and then. With all that gas in their stomachs, they might rub their tummies or act like they have a fever by wiping their foreheads or thinking about thermometers.

On top of that, they might get a rash on their face that looks like tiger stripes. Gas-and-Giggles can be treated with a pill that should stop all that tittering and trumping. In a hospital, the last thing you want is for more people to get sick because of bad smells.

Starry Eyes

Symptoms: Dizziness, Swirl rash

Starry Eyes sounds like it should be about someone who is totally in love in Slope Game, but our Sims aren’t like that. It’s a lot less fun than that, and your Sims will feel pretty bad if they have Starry Eyes. Stars will spin over their heads, which means they are feeling dizzy.

They may also have spots on their bodies that look like little swirls, as if to match. If you didn’t know they were sick, you might think it was a weird new makeup style. Starry Eyes can be fixed with medicine, which can help Sims who are sick get back on their feet.

Llama Flu

Symptoms: Coughing, Spot rash, Fever

You might be thinking how Sims could possibly get the flu from a llama. It sounds crazy, but we’re never told why, so let’s just figure out how to help them. If llamas can make Sims sick, it seems they are more dangerous than we might think.

People who have Llama Flu will have spots all over their bodies that are green or orange. They could be sneezing or coughing, too. What happened to the cold that everyone had? People, stay away from llamas.

Itchy Plumbob

Symptoms: Itching, Tiger or Spot Rash, Giggles

Itchy Plumbob is a funny name, but it’s not fun for the Sims who get it. In fact, it’s so bad that surgery is the only way to fix it. Still, the Sims who have it don’t seem to know how bad it is. You’ll often find them laughing, like they do when they have Gas-and-Giggles.

The patient will also feel itchy, as the name suggests. They could also have a rash, which could look like tiger stripes or coloured spots. Even though it might not sound that bad, your patient still needs surgery to get back to normal.

Triple Threat

Symptoms: Dizzy, Coughing, Itchiness, Any Rash

There are many possible signs and symptoms of this disease. The person could feel like stars were spinning above their head and get dizzy. It is also possible to sneeze and cough. They can get itchy, which makes them feel even worse. Lastly, you might see a rash on them that looks like tiger stripes, spots, or whirly forms.

Because the different illnesses in Triple Threat share so many symptoms, it can be hard to figure out which one it is. If the patient has a lot of these symptoms at once, it’s probably one of the more dangerous ones. If your Sim operates on a person with Triple Threat, the condition should go away right away.

Burnin’ Belly

Symptoms: Fever, Stomach Pain

It’s not clear what causes Burnin’ Belly. Maybe Sims eat too many spicy dishes, or maybe they eat something they shouldn’t have. Having a “burning belly” doesn’t sound good either way. Sims with this illness will rub their stomachs, and you might see a Pepto-Bismol in a thought bubble above their heads.

The only other sign is that sometimes steam will come out of their ears when they have a fever. It’s the only illness besides Gas-and-Giggles that makes them rub their bellies, so if they also have a fever, you’ll know it’s Burnin’ Belly. Get them to surgery right away, and their stomach will stop hurting.