10 Best Stylish Black And White Games


These cool black-and-white games are a joy to play.

Many of the first video games were only in black and white because their consoles couldn’t handle colour. This isn’t the case with current games. They can be as lively or as boring as the tone, scene, and plot of the story call for. Since most video games are now in color, the choice to use a black-and-white colour scheme makes the game stand out and feel special.

It often takes skill and hard work to get a game’s point across when you can only use black and white. These black-and-white games create a sense of fear, danger, nostalgia, or simplicity through their art styles, which appeals to fans of all types of games and all ages.


In Minit, a monster that looks like a duck picks up a cursed sword that sends it back home every 60 seconds. The creature is determined to break the curse and stop the sword factory from making more broken blades, so it must use each minute carefully to find objects, explore, and solve puzzles.

Even though the game’s world map is bigger than players might expect at first, the simple, grainy graphics work well with the game’s unique way of handling time and clear character goals.Minit’s game play and concept aren’t too complicated, but that’s what makes it work.


In the scary puzzle platformer Closure, players can only move along lit paths. Players use lanterns, flashlights, and other tools to light their way, but if a place is dark, it doesn’t exist. When you let things fall into the dark, they go away. This makes the darkness both a friend and an enemy in different tasks.

The game’s black-and-white graphics add to its creepy atmosphere and help players tell the difference between lit and dark places. Closure shows that black and white doesn’t have to be boring or limiting. You can control three cute characters, and the way light works is really cool.

Bendy And The Ink Machine

Henry Stein is invited back to the animation company where he used to work. There, he sees how his friend is trying to bring their animated mascots to life. But many of the once-familiar faces have turned into violent monsters, and Stein has to destroy the machine that made them come to life.

Even though the original version of Bendy and the Ink Machine is in sepia tones, it can be played in black and white if the player finishes the game without dying and completes all of the tasks along the way. The black-and-white version works just as well as the original colour version because it shows the studio’s characters as they would look in a movie.

West Of Loathing

West of Loathing is a fun, turn-based role-playing game about a farmer who is bored and decides to go west to find fame, money, and excitement. As they learn about the world around them, the farmer learns funny tricks and helps the other characters solve strange problems.

West of Loathing is a funny game, so it makes sense that its story is told through stick figures and other simple drawings instead of more detailed art to show that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Even though the game is in black and white. The world is full of colour and invites players to come back and find more fun things to do.

Ghost Of Tsushima

Eighty samurai are sent to Tsushima Island to stop Mongol troops from invading Japan. But Jin Sakai is the only samurai who made it out alive. Sakai attacks the Mongols’ stronghold to get payback for his dead brothers and free the island from their rule. However, he soon realises that saving his home may mean giving up the samurai way.

Ghost of Tsushima starts out in color, but players can switch at any time to Kurosawa Mode. The mode is named after the famous director Akira Kurosawa because it looks like the black-and-white samurai flicks he made. Even though Kurosawa Mode can make the game harder at times. It doesn’t take away from the beautiful graphics and story of Ghost of Tsushima.

Genesis Noir

In No Man, a watch seller goes to his lover’s house right before she is killed. So that the big bang of a bullet doesn’t kill her, No Man opens a black hole. This lets him control the way the world moves.

Genesis Noir can feel more like an arty noir movie than a point-and-click game. Because it is full of interesting metaphors and images. The game sometimes uses a dull yellow colour to draw attention to something. But its immersive style and story make it a fascinating black-and-white play about love and loss.

Return Of The Obra Dinn

The book Return of the Obra The ship Dinn, which has been lost at sea for five years, comes back to port. As an insurance investigator for the East India Company, players use a special pocket watch to find out about the ship’s murders and secrets while figuring out how much damage it has.

It was made by the same people who made Papers, Please, Return of the Obra Dinn is different from its predecessor in how it handles logic tasks and games that make you pay attention. Players move around the ship in first-person, and every detail adds to the interesting history of the ship. With its black-and-white, binary style, the ghost ship leaves an impact.

World Of Horror

In Shiokawa, Japan, the old gods are coming back to life. Which means the end of the world and a lot of fear in the town. There are different protagonists, storylines, and endings, and how players deal with the terrifying evils they face decides how long humanity lives and whether or not it lives at all.

The works of Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft were the inspiration for the one-bit role-playing game World of Horror. Its black-and-white look makes it look like a picture book with the best parts of both authors. Along with its creepy and interesting stories, Happy Wheels game’s art lives up to its promise of being a terrifying world.


Blanc is a co-op game in which a wolf cub and a fawn that have been left alone try to find their families after a terrible blizzard. Alone, the wolf can’t jump very high, and the fawn can’t pull logs or doors. But when they are together, they help each other and use their skills to get through hard times.

In Blanc’s world, which looks like it was made by hand, the few colours show how the snowstorm damaged things and how different the main characters are. The bond between the wolf and the fawn is sweet, even though it is only temporary.


Limbo is one of the most well-known black-and-white video games. The puzzle game is about a young boy who wakes up alone in the woods and tries to find safety. As he goes, he runs into dangerous animals, traps, and electricity, which forces him to move quickly but carefully.

In Limbo, the black-and-white world gives the boy the strange feeling that he is alone but not by himself. The story moves forward because of fear, interest, and hope. Even as the problems in the hauntingly beautiful world get harder.