Gas Spring Manufacturer: Tallsen Hardware


Tallsen Hardware is a company that specializes in home furnishing hardware, offering research, production and marketing of high-quality products such as metal drawer box, undermount slide, ball bearing slide, cabinet hinge, Gas Spring Supplier, handle, push opener, clothing hook, furniture legs and much more. The company originated in Germany and fully inherits German standard, superior quality, all categories, and high cost performance.

Manufacturing Quality

Tallsen Hardware fully inherits German precision manufacturing and craftsmanship spirit of the German Seiko manufacturing process. The company has a quality manufacturing concept of excellence, aiming to support the health and happiness for millions of families. Tallsen Hardware has established a modern ISO industry zone of 13,000m², a professional marketing center of 200m², a product experience hall of 500m², an EN1935 Europe standard testing center of 200m², and a logistics center of 1,000m².

Sales Network

Tallsen Hardware has established a professional marketing team of more than 80 staff in the combination of ERP, CRM management system and the e-commerce platform O2O marketing model. The company provides purchasers and users from 87 countries and regions around the world with a full range of home hardware solutions.


Tallsen Hardware is committed to providing high-quality home furnishing hardware products and solutions to customers worldwide. The company’s commitment to German precision manufacturing and craftsmanship is evident in the superior quality of its products. With its modern ISO industry zone, professional marketing center, and EN1935 Europe standard testing center, Tallsen Hardware is well-positioned to continue to provide excellent products and solutions to customers worldwide.