Top 7 Key Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Today’s modern businesses need to work smarter, better, and faster. With advancements in technology and change in customer demand, businesses need to mold themselves with the change in business environments and quickly alter technology and the latest trends to stay in the competition.  

So, what exact change do businesses need? Which technology does business embrace to bring change? – Businesses need the antidote of the cloud and need to embark on cloud-integrated solutions with confidence.  

Cloud-based business solutions like Dynamics 365 business central can aid organizations with alteration and safely embed business on the cloud for more productivity, profitability, and efficiency.   

Hence, this article will further discuss key features of Dynamics 365 business central that will intensify your belief in cloud-based business central solutions. And inspire small-medium scale businesses to transform to the cloud quickly and confidently. 

Seven Key Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central 

With the help of Dynamics 365 Business Central, small to medium-sized businesses can get a complete picture of their business activities. With various capabilities available, this cloud-based ERP system enables companies to manage their finances, sales, and operations from a single, centralized platform. This blog post will examine Dynamics 365 Business Central’s top seven significant features. 

Financial Management

The Dynamics 365 Business Central platform has many financial management features. Businesses may manage their cash flow, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and financial reporting. The service provides business decisions and real-time financial data to track their cash flow, make informed decisions, and improve their financial situation. 

  Sales and Purchase Management  

Businesses may manage their sales orders, purchase orders, estimates, and invoices with the help of the solution’s comprehensive sales and buy management module. Businesses may automate their sales and purchasing procedures, streamline operations, and enhance order management using Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

  Inventory Control  

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides robust inventory management tools that let companies control inventory levels, monitor product movements, and streamline inventory across different warehouses. Businesses benefit from lower inventory carrying costs, better order fulfillment, and improved customer service. 

Project Management  

Businesses may manage their projects from start to finish using the integrated project management module Dynamics 365 Business Central provides. It has time monitoring, resource management, project planning, and budgeting functionality. The solution aids organizations in streamlining their project management procedures, effectively managing their resource allocation, and completing projects on schedule and under budget. 

Manufacturing Management

Dynamics 365 Business Central includes a comprehensive manufacturing management module that enables companies to manage all aspects of their production operations, including production planning, scheduling, shop floor control, and quality control. The solution assists companies in streamlining their manufacturing processes, lower production costs, and raising product quality. 

 Business Reporting and Intelligence – 

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides robust reporting and business intelligence tools that help organizations understand their operations. It offers real-time dashboards, KPIs, and reports that assist businesses in tracking their performance, pinpointing areas that need improvement, and making wise decisions. 

Integration with Office 365 – 

Because Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central are entirely connected, enterprises can leverage the advantage of operating multiple apps without interruption across different Microsoft applications. Thanks to its connectivity with Outlook, Excel, and Power BI, businesses can access their data, work together with colleagues, and analyze their data. 

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Tips on Choosing the Right Dynamics 365 Business Central Consulting Company 

Choosing the best Dynamics 365 Business Central consulting firm can be challenging. It might be challenging to decide where to begin when so many possibilities are available. The following advice will help you select the best consulting firm for your business: 

Choose a consulting firm with experience: When hiring a consulting firm, looking for one with Dynamics 365 Business Central experience is crucial. A more knowledgeable organization will better comprehend the system’s capabilities, enabling them to offer you the greatest business solutions. 

Look for certifications: Consulting firms that can prove they are knowledgeable about Dynamics 365 Business Central can receive certifications from Microsoft. Choose a business that has received Microsoft accreditation and certification. 

Request testimonials: Before selecting a consulting firm, request testimonials from their previous clients. 

Find a partner that provides an all-encompassing solution: Since Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-encompassing solution, Choose a consulting firm that provides an all-inclusive solution, including financial management, manufacturing management, and other areas. 

Consider how the consultant handles customization: Examine a consulting firm’s approach to customization before hiring them. Choose a provider that takes the time to comprehend your company’s requirements and provides tailored solutions to satisfy those requirements. 

Look for continuous support: To make sure that your system functions well and that you can promptly address any issues that develop, choose a consulting firm that gives ongoing assistance. 

Think about the company’s strategy for cooperation and communication: Make sure the consulting firm you choose has a transparent communication and cooperation strategy so that everyone working on the implementation is on the same page. 

Wrapping Up – 

Take one step forward and stay ahead in competition with Dynamics 365 business central embark on the cloud today and make your business robust, sustainable, and ready for tomorrow.  

Are you looking to turn your small-medium scale business into an enterprise? Get in touch with Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central consulting company.