The Truth about Hiring 7 Plus and 11 Plus Tuition in London

11 plus tuition in London

There are several reasons why admission to 7 plus is so competitive. There are usually a limited number of independent schools in each region. In these schools, there are schools that are only preschools, which mean they are elementary schools. An even smaller number of independent schools in your area are secondary schools. The trend has been that many schools have become comprehensive, which means you have to get into them early.

If the school has a pre-school, this means that there are fewer places at 7, as children who join at 4 usually go straight to pre-school. On average, there are 7-15 applications for every 1 vacant study places in a general education school. So if you’re looking for the best place to rent 7 Plus Tuition in London, you’ve come to the right place.

At Carpe Diem, we have a professional and experienced tutor to provide your children with complete guidance on London 7 Plus education. Here’s everything you need to help your child figure out 7 plus tuition fees in London. So visit our website and make an appointment today.

What is Tested at 7+ Level?

The reason for hiring vocational Tuition in Dagenham is that the 7 exams mainly test maths and English. More and more schools are now adding reasoning that includes verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Manual and creative tasks may also occur. Last year a top London school asked children to draw a self-portrait. If your child passes the test, they may be asked back for an interview.

The process can be very competitive in London, especially in certain schools with more than 10 applicants per place. However, it should be remembered that these statistics are somewhat misleading, since many apply to several different schools at the same time, so the total number of applicants may not be that large. Despite this, the standard can be very high, as successful candidates often achieve academic levels well above the national average.

Why should you choose us for 11 Plus Tuition in London?

Preparing for the 11th grade is nerve-racking, especially for those who want to enter high school. That is why personal tutors are in high demand in the market. Agencies and private tutors all promise the same thing: to give children the best possible chance of passing the 11+ entrance exam.

But with the increasing number of tutors and tutors, choosing the best 11 plus tuition in London becomes quite a difficult task. Places are limited in independent schools and secondary schools and thousands of students have to compete with each other for places. At Carpe Diem, our freelance tutors work on-site and teach children individually or in small groups.

The study usually takes place at the child’s home. Freelance tutors are often qualified teachers who are on a career break or have already retired. Some are students. Our professional can be local and usually teaches children in groups. Some prefer tutoring centers to private tutors because they create a small classroom atmosphere, making the environment less intense for children.