Robust future: Career Opportunities After Engineering

Career Opportunities After Engineering

Do you know, In our country, engineering is perceived as one of the most sought-after degrees ensuring an excellent career? Engineering is a domain of technical education and profession. Engineering involves the integrated application of scientific principles to build a device or infrastructure. The engineering degree is known as a B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology). There are many opportunities an engineering graduate gets. In this blog, we will read about the exciting career opportunities after engineering, utilizable by freshly passed engineers.  

Understanding an Engineering course

The engineering course is a four-year exhaustive AICTE-approved professional & technical course. Engineering course is one of the most sought-after careers in India and the world. The engineering course contents are designed to give the candidates an industry-ready and problem-solving caliber. There are many branches of engineering courses like agricultural engineering, biotechnology engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science engineering, electrical engineering, electronic and communication engineering & so on.

Why an engineering degree?

In the age of globalization, every industrial sector is getting benefited from technology. Industrialization ensured diverse career opportunities after engineering. The engineering course helps inculcate professionalism, patience, and diligence in the candidates. The engineering domain guarantee to a safe and secure feature provided you love engineering. The contents of the engineering course include communication skills, entrepreneurial skills, management, programming, & other job-oriented skills. The engineering degree also helps inculcate a courageous attitude. 

Career opportunities after engineering

The engineering curriculum provides many competitive advantages to engineering graduates. 

Let’s put light on the career options you get after you complete your engineering degree. 

  • GATE- GATE stands for graduate test in engineering. This is an entrance exam for the or post-graduation in engineering. The gate exam helps you enter the prestigious IITs & NITs. The gate score also provides jobs in the PSU like Indian Oil, BHEL(Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), SAIL(Steel Authority of India Limited) & FCI(Food Corporation of India). 
  • Highly specialized Post Graduation-  It is one of the exciting career opportunities after engineering. The post-graduation ( course in engineering provides exhaustive learning in engineering to make the students more competent in their respective fields. Job applicants with an degree are prioritized over a for higher and managerial positions.
  • Corporate sector opportunities- Private sector also provides a large number of career opportunities after engineering. There are numerous job roles that are available for the engineering graduates like project engineer, analyst, quality analyst, senior engineer, & software engineer. Engineering graduates are the first choice of Multinational companies. These jobs are high paying and come with perks & benefits like free lunch and sick leaves.
  • Employment options in PSU- The PSU (public sector undertakings) provide a wide platform to engineering graduates. There are many PSUs in India that select highly talented engineering graduates for their roles. The PSU provides a highly lucrative and secure job to engineers. If you are seeking an excellent career then a PSU job is the right choice for engineering graduates. 
  • R&D Research- career opportunities after engineering also involves research & development. There are many governments and privately aided research and development centers like CSIR(Council of Scientific and industrial research), ICMR(Indian Council of medical research), and TIFR (Tata Institute of fundamental research). Here the engineering graduates work with the researchers and senior fellows to become a scientist.
  • Opportunities for Foreign Study- Engineering graduates can continue their higher studies in premium institutes and universities of foreign countries. Apart from that, if you are a highly talented student then you can avail of the scholarship and a prestigious foreign university may call you with even a full fledged tuition fee waiver. 
  • Way to Direct PhD- The Btech graduates who have obtained more than 70 per cent and also obtained a good rank in the GATE are eligible for a direct PhD from reputed institutions like IIT. For a direct PhD, the engineers need to have at least an 8.0 CGPA out of 10.0. Thus it is also a good option for highly dedicated engineers. 
  • Entrepreneurship-  One of the interesting career opportunities after engineering is entrepreneurship. The door of entrepreneurship is also open to engineering graduates. The engineers are good entrepreneur material as they have a wide range of soft skills and wide knowledge of every aspect associated with the structure of start-ups and consumer behavior. 
  • Government engineering officer- Even the government sector also has different career opportunities after engineering. If you want to be a part of the government machinery, then you can also appear in Indian Engineering Services Examination organized by UPSC (Union public service commission). There are a large number of perks and benefits an IES officer gets like health benefits, PF and good work-life balance. 
  • Junior Engineer- The SSC (Staff selection commission) also conducts the Junior Engineer examination. It is a central government job opportunity and thus has good prospects in the long run. Apart from that, you can start your own coaching center if you ever cleared an engineering exam. 
  • Teaching opportunities-The engineers can work as a faculty of science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, & Maths and thus can earn a handsome salary from coaching institutes.  

The Ever-growing Demand for Engineers

After industrialization, India has been seen as an emerging engineering destination. From senior-level jobs in tech brands to innovative small & large-scale start-ups solving global problems, Indian engineers have made an imprint on the global stage, making it a high-paying and respected profession. 

Digitalization, growth of the infrastructure & manufacturing sector, and the emerging latest technologies have made the engineering domain an in-demand profession. As per the India Skill Report 2022, the overall demand for engineering graduates is growing at a faster rate. All sectors like core, pharma, IT, petroleum and energy sectors will lead in hiring fresh batches of engineering graduates. 

Final Words

As you have seen how the world needs engineers for nation-building and solving a problem at the grassroots level. Now, you should look forward to choosing an institution that will equip you with exciting career opportunities after engineering.  

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