One Day Trip to Jazan, Saudi Arabia

One Day Trip to Jazan, Saudi Arabia

Explore the Jazan in one day with the best places to enjoy with the family and friends. There are many places here which can be visited in one day booked with the Cheapumrahpackages. While booking an Umrah Packages 2025 from UK you can ask your reservation consultant to include the one day trip at Jazan. There are many sites which you should visit to enjoy yourself. You should book it especially those days in which you are booking the Umrah Package in your holidays.

As for as the temperature of the Jazan is always moderate round the year because the city is located on the beach of Jazan region. If you Umrah flights would land on the Jeddah International Airport then you can book a yacht to the Jazan instead of travelling through the flights. While having the voyage on the cruise or private yacht you can enjoy the beauty of Jazan from sea side. Here are few of the most popular sites which you should visit after the Umrah.

Al – Rawdah Park

You should start your journey with Al – Rawdah Park which is one of the famous parks in the Jazan. The Park is located in the heart of the Jazan. Pilgrims who have booked the Jazan 7 nights 4 star Umrah Package from Hajj Umrah Travel Agency must start their morning with this soul soothing park. You can request the Umrah travel consultants to include Hotel Accommodation near this park in Jazan. You should also take the breakfast from Jazan. The heart captivating mountains around the city adds in the beauty of Jazan.

There are many restaurants and bars around the Park from where you can get the delicious breakfast. Restaurants around these hotels offers the foods including the Asian and continental foods. Bars which are around the park are especially made for the foreigners and offers the different kind of beers. These beers have the different taste.

Al-Darb Souq

Best time to visit the Al Darb is mid of the morning when you have done your breakfast. There are many markets which can be visited for purchasing different gifts for the beloved ones at the cheaper costs. It is one of the heritage site in the Jazan, you have to enjoy at Jazan till afternoon in the Al Darb Souq. There are many historical places in this region which you should visit on that day. Most of things are connected with the Islamic heritage and offers a chance to boost you believe in Almighty Allah.

There many hotels in this region which offers the luxurious amenities and facilities for the pilgrims and other travelers who have done their Umrah or going to done their Umrah. After Umrah you can spend more days and enjoy your best time in the Al Darb.

Seafood Feast:

Lunch with Seafood in the Jazan is one of the unforgettable experience. Al-Nakhil Seafood Restaurant is one of the renowned and best hotel offering the delicious seafood for the travelers and pilgrims who have performed their Umrah pilgrimage. Most of the pilgrims who have booked their Umrah package from United States of America visit this hotel to enjoy the delicious meals at this restaurants. Here are some of the seafood which is famous among the travelers of United States:

  • Seafood Soup
  • Grilled Shrimps
  • Hamour with Potato
  • Fried Bazri
  • Safi fish with Rice
  • Clams with special soup
  • Fried Calamari
  • Fried Lady Fish
  • Sayadiyah Fish
  • Machbos Hamoor

These are few of the famous dishes which you should eat during the lunch at Jazan. These are few of the seafood which are famous among the international travelers especially UK travelers. If you are a Muslim and have performed the Umrah then you should choose the Halal food only.

Farasan Islands

Passengers who have the time and not tired so, spend your evening at the Farasan Islands located in the Jazan. Best time to visit these islands is November – March because these islands have the long summer season and short mild season. In these months, Winter Holidays falls and these are the best days to visit these islands. There are lot activities which are waiting for you to perform. Yacht Experience is one of the best experience to enjoy with the family and friends prior to the Umrah or after Umrah. It is suggested to visit the Farasan Islands after the Umrah pilgrimage. While booking the Umrah Packages from United States inform you Umrah travel consultant to include the hotel Accommodation in the Farasan Islands.

Jazan Corniche:

Most of the passengers got tired after a long day routine and Jazan Corniche is the best place to take rest. It is one of the best experience of spending the evening at this place. At the beach you can enjoy yourself with fun activities at the beach. There is an old castle in the Jazan Near to the Jazan Corniche full of knowledge about the history. Amazing view of Red sea is offering the photographers to click wonderful pictures. In the evening, passengers spend their most of the time here especially to view the hues of Orange and Pink sunlight when sun is drowning in the west. It is one of the most soul soothing views which you have ever experienced in your life.

Day-end with Al-Balad Restaurant:

You have to take your Dinner meals at the Al-Balad Restaurant in the Jazan offering the delicious cuisine to the travelers. Most of the travelers visit this restaurant to take dinner at this hotel. Some of the famous foods of this restaurant which can be considered as the dinner are:

  • Mandi: A traditional dish oriented from Yemen including rice and meat
  • Kabsa: Kabsa is also known as Majboos in which rice are cocked with meat
  • Harees: It is a dish made with boiled, cracked, or coarsely-ground cracked wheat mixed with meat
  • Moutabal (Baba Ghanoush): It is an Middle Eastern dish made with roasted or grilled eggplant, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt
  • Falafel: It is like a deep friend ball made with Broad Beans, ground chickpeas, or both. It is one of the delicious cuisine from Middle Eastern Cuisine or Levantine Cuisine.

These are one of the most famous international cuisine which can be considered as a dinner meals at Al-Balad Restaurant.

We have explained all the day schedule for the One day trip at Jazan. As one of the most beautiful cities you should visit this city to enjoy with friends and family. While booking the cheap Umrah Packages from Cheapumrahpackages, please inform the consultants to included one day hotel accommodation at Jazan. You can visit this city along with the Umrah. You don’t have to book the separate package for Jazan. For travelling with ease and comfort contact the Cheapumrahpackages for Cheapest Umrah services.