How to Increase Faith in Allah & Become a Good Muslim?

How to Increase Faith in Allah & Become a Good Muslim?

It’s human nature to feel ups and down’s in one’s faith. Yet the key to keeping your Iman strong is by consistently putting your trust in Allah Almighty.

One of the best way to increase your faith in Allah is by traveling with cheap Umrah packages for the holy rituals of minor pilgrimage. When you become the guest of Allah Almighty, you automatically get a renewed spirit and perspective of life to become a good Muslim.

Here’s how you can increase your faith in Allah.

Pray Salah:

Five Salah are obligatory for every Muslim to perform on a daily basis. Namely;

  1. Fajar.
  2. Zuhur.
  3. Asar.
  4. Maghrib.
  5. Isha.

The sole purpose of these Salah is to remind a believer of his/her actual purpose in life and strengthen Iman (faith).

Read Holy Quran:

Holy Quran is the sacred book of the Islamic religion that Allah almighty revealed to the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). It is a source of guidance for all the people to come till the end of times. In fact, it is a complete code of life for. There are many wonders attached to this holy book and being free from any sort of misinterpretation or editing is one of them.

So, read holy Quran daily to connect to Allah Almighty. Learn about the tafseer and try to adopt the rules it teaches us in your daily life. Make it habit to read holy Quran daily even if you can read just a few verses. Whatever you read, learn it in detail.

Do Dhikr:

Keep your tongue moist with the Dhikr of Allah Almighty. Refrain from idle speech and abusing. Only speak what’s necessary and when necessary. Otherwise stay silent and keep on doing the Dhikr.

Seek forgiveness:

One makes many mistakes in life and sinning is one of the prominent human trait. However, the best of the believer is not who doesn’t sin but it’s the one who sins and repents sincerely on it. So, ask for the forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Repent on your sins and be grateful for what you have.

Travel for Umrah:

Travel for the holy pilgrimage with Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages to experience the best spiritual time of your life and be the guest of Allah Almighty.

Becoming a guest of Allah Almighty is one of the best ways to increase your faith. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) has narrated in a hadith that a person performing Umrah is a guest of Allah Almighty. So when you are the guest of the one who owns this world, be assured to get infinitely many blessings and miracles coming your way.

Observe fasts:

Fasting is also among the most convenient ways that a Muslim can utilize to increase his/her faith. That’s why Allah Almighty made them obligatory for all the adult Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan.

In addition, you can also observe voluntary fasts anytime of the year. Doing so will help you learn patience; instil the traits of gratitude and humility in your personality as well as strengthen your relationship with Allah Almighty.

Pray Tahajjud:

Tahajjud, also known as the ‘Night Prayer’ is the best way to connect with Allah Almighty and make Dua because of the silence and calm it brings during a specific part of the time. It is that time of the night when Allah Almighty is asking Muslims to make Dua so he can fulfil them. So whatever problem you are facing gin your life; let it be physical, professional, mental, emotional or familial – Allah Almighty grants a solution for it.

Give charity:

Giving charity is one of the highest form of worship in Islam. It can be in the form of Sadqah, Zakat, Fitrana, and Khairat. Keep on giving charity as much as you can because;

  • It will help you avoid calamities in your life.
  • Act as a source of becoming closer to Allah Almighty.
  • Increase your health and wealth.
  • Give you a deep feeling of satisfaction and peace.

That’s how you can increase faith in Allah and become a good Muslim.