A list of the top five Tech-Priest rankings for September 2017

A class in the game that is both powerful and adaptable is the priest. The priest class can be played in numerous ways, from staying cautious with Holy Nova and Avene to going all out with Power Word: Sacrifice, Flash of Light, and Acid Storm. New priests may find it challenging to start because there are so many options accessible. These are the top five tech priest rankings for September 2017. We’ll look at them in this article. As opposed to Karazhan’s official ranking scheme, these levels are based on summoner perception and firsthand knowledge of each.

You can use them as a guide while thinking about new priest ranks or lowering your own prestige because they are not absolute rankings but rather are meant to serve as guides. There is a lot of precedence for these lists because the priest is a strong class that has been around since 2006, but keep in mind that they are not rigid. Leave a comment below or get in touch with us on Discord to tell us which Hearthstone Priest ranks you believe are the greatest.

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New players generally

The New Player Rank (NPR) is for new players who are trying to get into the game but are unsure of where to begin. Understanding the fundamentals is the best approach to go. It is possible to do this with heroics, free-to-play games, or by using the new player buttons that are present in the majority of game chat channels. Understanding the fundamentals is the first step to playing Hearthstone well. In order to guide new players through the fundamentals of the game, there is a New Player Rank. You can obtain a sense of the game and learn what you must do in order to play well by playing a few games at a high enough level.

New Player Rank Apprentice

It’s time to expand your skill levels once you’ve mastered the game’s fundamentals through the New Player Rank. Players that are still learning the game but want to get some experience and jump start their deck building can consider joining the Apprentice New Player Rank. The Apprentice New Player Rank offers the same advantages as the New Player Rank, allowing you to play against more seasoned opponents and assisting you in becoming familiar with the specifics of the class. When you attain the rank, you’ll start to seriously engage in competitive play. You should start constructing a competitive deck once you’ve mastered the fundamentals.

Player Rank New Player Advancement

At the Advancement New Player Rank, you’ve crossed the line between social and competitive gaming and are prepared to advance your skills. You will be developing your own deck at this rank while making the most of the resources and techniques that are available to you. At this level, you’ll also start learning about the several Meta-Champion Power Rankings, which are lists of the most well-known and successful Hearthstone players, comparable to the NBA All-Star team or the PGA’s Ponderosa leaders. You’re making your deck as powerful as you can with the Advancement New Player Rank. You’ll put different cards to the test to determine which ones pair well with others and which you can wait to use in your deck.

Intermediate New Player

By the time you reach the Internutrient New Player Rank, you have slain the original leviathan of complexity and are now reduced to the size of a smoldering cinder. When a player reaches the Intermediate New Player Rank, the game becomes more than just a pick-up-and-play game that involves slamming cards into the air. Additionally, it’s when you start getting acquainted with the class’s more sophisticated techniques and resources. Once you reach this degree, you’ll begin examining several archetypes and discovering the ideal opposition for each. You’ll also comprehend the various Tempo or Control Priest decks better and be able to recognize the matchups you should avoid.

Expert New Player

The game has at last started to slow down at the Expert New Player Rank. You are being awaited by the professionals. The first stop for actual experts, this is the highest level the class may get. Reaching this rating in Ranked mode, which is the greatest ranking you can get without slipping into the Casual or Wild categories, will give you the best chance of success. If you’re entirely new to the game or simply want to gain a feel for the various decks and play styles, the Expert New Player Rank is the best rank to obtain. You’ll gain a better grasp of the cards that go well together in each deck and be able to tell which cards you should avoid.

Grandmaster New Player Rank

You have attained the pinnacle of the group at Grandmaster New Player Rank. Even though you still have a long way to go, there is no sensation quite like it when you defeat the last opponent. You’re equipped for anything at this level. Now that you’ve refined your abilities against the finest, the world is at your feet. The pinnacle of all you’ve learned thus far is the Grandmaster New Player Rank, which is only attained by the most skilled players. With a fully constructed deck, you’ll be prepared for the difficulties ahead and might even have a strategy in place to compete against some of the best decks in the game.

The All-Star Rank

As a priest, the All-Star level is the highest level you may achieve. In a game of competition, this is where you leave your mark and affect the outcome. You’ve exerted every effort possible to reach this rank when you achieve it. You’ve worked incredibly hard to perfect your deck, put in a lot of practice, and are now among the top 10 Hearthstone playlists. Furthermore, keep in mind that the route to EMS is difficult and treacherous. We’re confident you’ll succeed in the end, even if you don’t reach the top on your first attempt.


After all that work, why would you want to compete with the best cards in the game? The outcome is worthwhile, I suppose. You’ll get a card you love to play in return, and the benefits are worthwhile. Take action right away if you’re debating whether to add a new class. The new priest class can help you get started right away and start improving your gaming.