Why Plastic Pallet Boxes Are The Best Mode Of Goods Storage?

Plastic Pallet Boxes Uk

Over the past ten years, plastic pallet boxes have proven to be the best way to store and manage such a diverse range of goods. Many customers prefer plastic pallet containers to other storage options because of their uniform size, huge internal volume, strong, easy-to-clean base, sidewalls, and longer life. Plastic trays can be used in retail stores, industrial operations, and product distribution channels to suit your individual needs.

Plastic trays for in-store display

Plastic stands with display windows are usually used for marketing products with high turnover and/or space requirements. These pallets reduce the risk of damage to the product by moving it from one place to another. This is because you just lift the platform without touching the product. It is also an ideal choice for sensitive and/or promotional products in retail stores.

 Plastic display pallets primarily have 4-way handling capability. This enables the smooth lifting of products on the platform from both sides. Plastic trays are dimensionally stable, therefore their size does not change even after long-term maintenance of the product. These plastic pallets are designed with excellent display features that can be customized according to the specific requirements of your business. And they can be used for secondary packaging with various display elements.

They Are Valuable In Industrial heavy product distribution applications

Do you need a strong and durable plastic platform that can withstand a lot of weight, within the company or in other distribution networks? In these cases, Plastic pallets are a harder and more rigid material than HDPE, which on the other hand is an ideal material for cold and/or freezing. In addition, in high-temperature environments, PP material must be selected to withstand more weight, so it is suitable for most racks and rack applications. As you can see, plastic trays play an important role in product handling. Plastic trays can meet your specific needs, be it retail stores, industrial processes, or product distribution channels. At Beecraft, our Plastic Pallets Uk products can match quality standards.

Lightweight plastic pallets are the best solution for air transport

Lightweight plastic pallets are suitable for most air cargo shipments where weight is a major concern. Plastic pallets are about 27% lighter than wooden pallets of the same size and shape. This means you will of course save a decent amount of money on shipping. Even with a small weight, it does not reduce the durability of the plastic base, because they withstand a large load. Spaces between the surface of the palette make it lighter compared to other options. In addition, nested options save a lot of space, reducing freight costs during your transport and empty storage.

Our  Plastic Pallet Boxes Uk products are cast under extreme pressure in highly polished moulds to ensure consistent dimensional accuracy and load capacity. We believe that cleaner, safer, and more economical, returnable plastic containers are a great choice for your supply chain. Beecraft also offers the best Freezer Spacers in the UK. If you have questions about finding the right pallet, box, or container for you or switching from wood to plastic, talk to one of our plastic pallet experts today. Email sales@plasticpallets.co.uk or call us at +44 (0)208 900 9400.