What Distinguishes a MOT from a Service and Is It Possible to Drive Without One?

MOT services

The annual MOT and the annual servicing are two significant occasions that automobile owners look forward to every year. Consumers frequently wonder why they need both. Why wasn’t the task done by the MOT simply? Though not required, there is a strong argument for getting both a service and a MOT Test London.

Describe MOT.

Everybody knows about the dreaded yearly MOT test that’s required to legally drive a car on UK roads. The DVSA created a detailed requirements checklist that outlines exactly what the testing technician has to verify. The list contains a large number of items, some

The list is long and contains several elements that, depending on the situation, may cause the automobile to malfunction or they may only require your attention.

In these areas, a mechanic doing a MOT will search for issues:

Car identification number; registration plate; lights; steering and suspension; wipers and washer bottle; windscreen; horn; seat belts; seats; fuel system; emissions; bodywork; doors; mirrors; wheels and tyres; brakes 

It is legally needed to get annual MOT tests and auto insurance if your car is older than three years. The test does not indicate that the automobile is performing as effectively as it might, even if it does ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive for a full year following testing.

Describe Service.

A service might differ depending on the garage you visit. While most garages will use certain duties and inspections, there isn’t a set government protocol. A tier system is common in garages; you can usually acquire a basic service for one price and work your way up the ranks as the number of jobs grows and so does the cost.

Certain MOT components, such the brakes, safety systems, and tyres, are included in the majority of services. Changing a few crucial parts is also necessary to maintain the car’s engine operating correctly. These may include changing the engine oil, gasoline, air, and, in some all-inclusive packages, the spark plugs as well. In certain cases, it could also involve testing the vehicle on the road and looking at the suspension, batteries, and brakes.

So what’s the difference?

In a nutshell, a MOT confirms that your vehicle satisfies DVSA minimum safety criteria and is safe to drive. When your car passes a MOT, it might not be in perfect working order, but it’s still safe to drive.

The aim of the service is to prolong the life of your automobile by getting it in the best possible condition. Although they are not necessary, driving without one might result in malfunctions or damage to important parts.

It is possible to drive without a MOT.

It is legally necessary for cars older than three years to undergo a MOT once a year, but the MOT facility is not compelled to notify you when your next test is scheduled. Therefore, it is advised that you make a reminder.

If you want to avoid waiting until the MOT is about to expire, another piece of advice is to book your test in advance. You won’t have a car while it’s being fixed or retested, so you’ll need to make other arrangements. A month prior to the test’s deadline is the best time to book a MOT because the previous certificate can be of the date back to that point. It means you will not miss a single one of the days that are valid for the year.

Consequently, “No” is the response to the query, “Can you drive without a MOT?” Driving without a MOT is only allowed while driving to a booked MOT appointment.

Also If your car didn’t have a current MOT, your insurance would expire. If you drive without one, your licence might be suspended for six to eight points and you could be fined £1,000.

It is important to keep in mind that you will be liable for any damages if you have an accident while your MOT certificate is expired. It is unlikely that the cost of your claim will be higher than your missed MOT test.


obtaining a service is a matter of preference, however, obtaining a MOT is mandated by law. For a number of reasons, drivers frequently choose to have both.

To start, the two cover a great deal of material in different ways. A maintenance and inspection check (MOT) is comparable to packing for a long haul in that it ensures the automobile is in good operating order and all of its safety features are functional. Like a post-long trip check-up, the service replaces the systems that have performed the best while making sure the others are ready for the next voyage.

A service can also help detect any problems that can lead to a breakdown and reduce the chance that this would happen. This can increase the vehicle’s longevity and enhance its performance. One of the conditions of a new car warranty may also be the satisfaction of the criteria. Furthermore, a comprehensive service history from a reputable garage is beneficial and can increase the car’s market worth when the time comes to sell it.

Getting a MOT cannot be selected, but a German car specialists London can. Nonetheless, manufacturers often recommend it, and there are a number of benefits. Even if you only receive one per year or a certain amount of them, it can help your automobile perform better for longer.