Types of windshield cracks and causes

A technician replacing the windshield on a passenger car.

If your windscreen is damaged by big rocks, hail, or other debris, possessing a plan in place can help you keep your cool. Hopefully, it will also help you save it. Although windscreen cracks will always need to be repaired, it’s crucial to first determine the kind and extent of the damage to calm your fears before deciding what to do next. When damages are discovered quickly, technicians can usually save you money by repairing the windscreen rather than having to replace it. Also, carorbis one of the best car accessories websites has a variety of accessories to cater to your problem.

Dealing with the damage will be easier if you can identify the type of crack. This will ease the rest of the process, be easier on your wallet, and give you the flexibility to plan enough time for the repair to be finished. It is important to take into account any deterioration and wear that takes place over time and can exacerbate cracks or falsely mimic one when evaluating the damage to your windscreen.

Car windscreens cracks are exterior flaws caused by inclement weather, debris from the road, and high temperatures. Driving with significant windscreen cracks is prohibited in Queensland, especially if they make it difficult to control the vehicle safely. Your windscreen will initially show a small line, but cracks can also look like this:

Types of windshield cracks:

There are only so many things a car owner can do to stop windscreen cracks and chips. Below learn about types of windshield cracks

Stress cracks

Stress cracks are typically brought on by abrupt, extreme temperature changes without the use of outside pressure or force, such as when loose stones or other objects strike the glass, also because of car wiper blades sometimes. The windscreen of your car enlarges in warm weather and shrinks in cold weather. A stress crack may form in the glass if this occurs too quickly because it can’t keep up. It might be challenging to fix a stress crack if it starts at the edge of the windscreen. The less likely it is as the crack widens.

Corner Cracks

Sometimes, but not always, excessive heat exposure can result in edge cracks. They may occur if the glass’s surrounding metal and other materials become overheated by the summer sun. The result is that the edges of the windscreen warm up while the center stays slightly colder. The edges of the glass can crack at the slightest temperature variations.

Cracking of the Floater

The size and intensity of floater cracks, which start in the middle of the windscreen and are located more than 5 centimeters from the edge, are comparable to those of edge cracks.

They take on a variety of forms and are frequently brought on by changes in temperature. Before the crack spreads to the edges, they could potentially be able to save your windscreen.

Crack chip

Crack chips, which fall between a crack and a chip, are tiny fissures with a small impact point. Your windscreen may only need a repair rather than a replacement, depending on where the crack or chip is located. That is, assuming you don’t hesitate and wait for the issue to worsen!


Chips are the most typical type of windscreen damage that we see. A tiny piece of glass has broken away from the shield in the windscreen chips. Typically, this is brought on by rocks or other objects striking the glass. Experts also refer to this as a “pit” or “stone break.” As long as the chip is less than an inch in diameter, doesn’t extend beyond the glass completely, or no longer cracks coming from it, a technician can usually fill it.


Bullseyes are made up of a smaller circle that is encircled by a larger, second circle. The glass’s outer layer has what appears to be a cone-shaped chip in the shape of a circle. In essence, they are just a larger chip where a piece of screen glass has been broken. Rocks or other debris that strikes the windscreen quickly and violently can cause bullseyes. It can also do refer to as a “half-moon” chip if the damage is not symmetrical. Bullseyes are one of the more frequent types of windscreen damage; however, the size of the chip must be taken into consideration before repairs can be made.


Stars are usually tiny chips with a number of cracks radiating from their center, giving them the appearance of a star. Smaller star patterns are typically fixable but may occasionally still be faintly visible. Even though the windscreen can be fixed effectively, doing so might decrease your car’s value.

Combination break

Things become a little trickier if your windscreen has suffered severe damage, perhaps from hail or as a result of an accident. In cases where the windscreen broke multiple times, repairs might be impossible. A replacement is typically advised in this circumstance, but it is best to talk this over with your specialist first.