Top 3 AI Certification Programs Online

Top 3 AI Certification Programs Online - USAII

Artificial Intelligence certifications are a great way to learn the mandatory AI skills which can take you forth in your AI career. Though the credibility and usability of these certifications are often questioned, their importance in kick-starting your career can’t be neglected.

We have been watching the use of Artificial Intelligence in sci-fi movies and have imagined all sorts of things that they can do in technology fiction books. But they are comparatively newer technologies in the real world and are still in the growth phase. Statista says the AI market value is expected to grow almost twentyfold to two trillion dollars by 2030. And thus, we cannot ignore the career growth prospectus in this domain.

Therefore, we have come up with the list of best AI certifications that will empower you with the latest tool and technologies in the AI field that will help you establish a place in this ever-growing market.

What benefits do AI certifications offer?

Before we dive into the list of best certifications, you must understand whether investing in these certifications holds any value, or if they will be useful in the long run. Here are some benefits you can consider before enrolling in any of the certifications:

  • Great way to learn required skills

Since certifications are short courses and are updated regularly, they help you gain the latest AI skills and keep you updated about the latest trends in the market.

  • Provides credibility to your skills and learning

Certifications are the testaments of the skills and knowledge you have gained while earning any particular certification. With a credible certification under your belt, you can showcase and boast about your expertise in the AI domain.

  • Access to the professional community

Certifications provide access to a network of professionals in the same domain. This will help you get better insights into the industry as well as help you land jobs.

  • Practical experience

With AI courses, you get practical exposure to real-world AI projects that helps to sharpen your learnings. By the time you complete your certification, you will be job ready with several live projects.

  • Demonstrates your commitment toward your professional goals

Having a certification sends the employer a clear message that you are investing in yourself and you are ready to explore your talents for your professional growth.

Top 3 Artificial Intelligence Certification and courses

Now that you know several benefits these AI certifications offer, here is a list of some of the best certifications you can consider to gain the skills and start your AI career.

1. Post Graduate Program in AI & Machine Learning: CalTech

Offered in collaboration with IBM’s industry prowess, this Post Graduate Program in AI and ML from California Institute of Technology is an 11 months online program that has been rated 4 stars by their students.

With this course, students get 6 months of applied learning and 25+ hands-on projects with integrated labs. They also get 3 capstone projects for validating their skills and knowledge of AI tools across top companies in all industries.

2. Artificial Intelligence Professional Master: King Fahd University Saudi Arabia

This Artificial Intelligence master’s program is offered by one of the top institutes in Saudi Arabia. If you are someone looking to make a career in this region, then it is among the top AI certifications to consider. This certification helps students apply their creative thinking, machine learning skills, and algorithm designs to build modern AI systems. The course covers essential AI topics such as NLP, ML, DL, Computer vision, etc.

3. Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE™): USAII®

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) has managed to secure its place among the most credible AI certifications available in the market. The CAIE™ is designed for beginner-level professionals and students looking to step foot in the AI career.

Priced at $691, CAIE™ distinguishes itself to be an affordable option as compared to other programs that can cost thousands of dollars. Not only that, USAII® offers flexible payment plans that enable students to pay the program fee in 3 installments, so that they can focus on acquiring AI skills and not on repaying their loans.

This is a comprehensive program covering all the latest AI concepts including GANs, Computer Vision, DRL, Fundamentals of AI, etc.


To conclude, these top AI certifications and courses can help you put ahead of your competition as their rigorous curriculum is designed to empower you as an experienced AI professional. With the hands-on practical experience you get on AI projects, you will be job ready with some great projects in your resume. Also, we told you the benefits these courses and certifications provide. So, why wait, enroll now.