The Notebook of Expression- Jot Down Your Ideas and Sketches

Creative endeavors such as artistic and stylish journals can be immensely gratifying and expressive! They’re like a mix of diary, sketchbook, and scrapbook all in one, where you can capture your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and ideas through various forms of art. Whether you’re into drawing, painting, collage, poetry, or any other form of artistic expression, a journal provides a safe space to explore and experiment without judgment.

The following are some suggestions for the contents of an artistic journal:

·         Drawings and Sketches: Draw imaginative landscapes, individuals you encounter, or scenes from your day in your journal.

·         Paintings & Mixed Media Art: Try using various painting techniques or add found things to your artwork, such as magazine clippings, fabric scraps, or leaves.

·         Collage: To make visually arresting collages that convey a message or express a mood, cut and paste texts, images, and textures.

·         Creative Writing: Compose poetry, short stories, or rambling thoughts to go along with your artwork.

·         Inspiration Pages: Create pages devoted to quotes, lyrics from songs, or images that make you feel a certain way.

·         Artistic Experiments: Record your process and outcomes while experimenting with various mediums and methods.

·         Vision Boards: Create vision boards for your goals, dreams, or things you want to manifest in your life.

Keep in mind that there are set rules when it comes to artistic journals—follow your imagination and enjoy expressing yourself!

Which Handmade Notebook or Journal to Buy?

We typically encounter artwork in museums or as wall art and murals, whether it be Pop + Pastel, Abstract Art, or Ink Sketches. But has anyone ever noticed that the covers of the most well-known novels we read have artwork? Although it’s said that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the prints on these books surely draw our attention.

Since art can be incorporated into notebooks and diaries that we use for work, Boxyfont Studio has strived to make elegant handmade notebooks for work as well as creative projects for design enthusiasts around India.

This is where the idea as a whole was applied. Carrying a stylish notebook makes a statement, so why carry a boring notepad?

In the world of social media, stylish journals have become a common place item for individuals as they offer a wonderful way to disconnect, reconnect with oneself and your body, and indulge in leisure writing. If your notebook has a beautiful piece of artwork on the cover, you’ll want to keep picking it up and gazing at it since it becomes an extension of your personality.

The studio’s design narrative has revolved around the Boxyfont Storybook. The Three Cities Notebook is a large white blank storybook is designed to resemble one of our favorite classic novels; it looks like a canvas waiting to be filled with imagination and creativity. One of our best-selling creative blank books for writers, it features our characteristic ink doodles of cityscapes on the monochromatic cover, excellent artist paper pages, and a slightly larger size than ordinary A5 notebooks.

Every page flip of its thick pages presents the possibility of new beginnings, unexpected turns, and, and happy endings. Pen down your fables as a writer and turn our blank storybook into a medium through which you can escape the clutter of the online world! Write, draw, and dream with your creative mind, and let yourself unwind with the Boxyfont Storybooks!