Suspects: Mystery Mansion – A Beginner’s Gameplay Guide

Murder mysteries have always been popular. We like experiencing the rush that these kind of games provide. Many puzzles and hidden object games revolve on mystery and fantasy. Yet, contemporary games such as Among Us have cast fresh light on these types of games. Suspects: Mystery Mansion is another game that is following in its footsteps!

Wildlife Studios, known for titles like Tennis Clash and Zooba, produced Suspects: Mystery Mansion. The players in the game will also have to deal with one or two murderers, while the remainder must figure out who they are while doing their various jobs.

The variety of game options available makes it highly engaging. It is also more competitive since it has an integrated voice chat and a ranking ladder. If you’re not a murderer, you can really win the game by working together. And winning allows you to access additional material. If you wish to master Suspects: Mystery Mansion, check out our easy beginner’s gameplay tutorial. It includes about all you could ever want to know about this murder mystery game!

Task Guide For Non-Murderers (Guests)

The home is large, but not too large for the murderer! By doing your chores, try to figure out who the murderer is. The sooner all visitors complete their chores, the sooner you will win the game. But you must also avoid the murderer, even if you don’t know who he is. It is the game’s major obstacle! These are some duties you must complete:

Fingerprint Search

Since the Fingerprint Search takes a long time to perform, it is the first one you must do. Place the magnifying glass on top of the thing and swipe down gently. Keep the length of the thing in mind. After completed, use a computer to examine them.

Next, construct a sandwich and search find a book with a sandwich picture in it. Afterwards, examine the components and gather what you need. Following that, tap to make the sandwich. Now all that remains is to consume it. Following that, you must start the fire by placing firewood in the fireplace. Alternately put the firewood using your two thumbs. Next, place a match on the ignition strip and slide it across. To prevent squandering the match, you must perform flawlessly.

Reconstruct A Torn Photo, Sort Belongings, & Fix Pipes

Another crucial duty you must perform is to rebuild the destroyed picture. Again, begin with the edges and borders and work your way to the center. Another chore is to sift through Mr. and Mrs. Goat’s stuff. Mr. Goat is the owner of the hat, Monocle, Backrooms and lapel pin. Mrs. Goat, on the other hand, owns the handbag, necklace, and earrings.

You must also repair the plumbing by tapping the pipe components to line with the main pipe. Another objective is to place the tools in the toolbox by following the shapes. It’s really simple since you simply need to consider which has the same forms as the vacant area within the box.

Unlock A Drawer & Chop Wood

You will also be assigned a job in which you must open a drawer by timing the bounce of the lock from top to bottom. After the cursor is centered, tap the drawer itself. You must also chop wood by dragging your finger over the screen and chopping it. Timing your swipes so you may accomplish the assignment quickly. Next, remove the toxic blossoms by hovering your thumb over them and seeing which of them creates an ugly expression.

Diffuse A Bomb

Tap the footprints in the order you find them. Next, depending on the sole, you must locate the appropriate shoes. Then, complete the work by tapping the magnifying glass. If the murderer sabotaged the lights, repair them. You may do so by pushing them one at a time with two thumbs, one at a time. Lastly, follow the code on the left to defuse the explosives. If you make a mistake, you will be jolted by an electric current.

Beware the Killer (Suspect)!

If you are the murderer, you must think and behave like a visitor and never expose your identity. Of course, you must also assassinate unsuspecting visitors. These are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Study your “task” list and pretend to be a guest. Then, pretend that you’re doing your task while going to places where these are done.
  2. Never make a kill if there are others around, or else the jig is up!
  3. Avoid self-reporting because if you do it frequently, other players might suspect that it’s you. Though doing it once will throw the players off.
  4. If you have a hunch on who the Inspector is, take them out instantly.
  5. Join guests in fixing the sabotage you have caused, such as causing a blackout or planting a bomb.
  6. Use trap doors wisely. Avoid guests from thinking you’re the killer just because they saw you going through a shortcut.
  7. Avoid killing victims if the cameras are on.
  8. Do not kill guests that accused you, or you will look bad in front of other guests.
Suspects Mystery Mansion Roles

Other Roles

If you’re an Inspector, never expose your identity since the Killer will kill you right away if they find out. The Inspector function is unusual in that it may determine who the Killer is. However, their whole analysis takes three seconds to complete, so the patient must stay still. As you can see, this job poses a serious danger to the Killer. Hence, as the Inspector, you must protect yourself by remaining silent.

Another job is Vigilante, which implies they have the ability to murder a suspected Killer. Nevertheless, if they murder an innocent Guest, they will perish. If you are the vigilante and you murder the Killer before the Guests can, they may mistake you for the Killer. Yet, if applied appropriately, your team has a good chance of winning.