Social Media Marketing in Business- 3 Statistics that Prove the Significance

3 Statistics Social Media Marketing in Business

The digital swing is highly transformed. Due to the pandemic situation in 2020 the scenario of utilizing social media marketing has been revolutionized. And this wave of transformation marks a turn of the tide in how businesses and consumers view and value the use of social media. We have all the data to evidence it.

If you are a business and wondering of when to start increasing your spending on social media marketing, this is the right time. Social media is a substantial thing for business, so as soon you implement it in your business function, more chances will be open to thrive.

Around 90% of marketers say that their social media marketing efforts made them increase the exposure of their business, and 75% of them agree that they have increased traffic. Also, the businesses who qualifies for a Wikipedia page have recognition on social media. In case you are still trying to figure it out, continue reading for three true stats that will verify how substantial social media marketing has become for businesses of all sizes.

1.    55% of Consumers Use social media to Learn about New Brands

Social media, no doubt, has been rising dramatically and reached the peak of its popularity yet. It is a platform that was founded to explore the information of any type. Thus, people nowadays utilize it for many purposes, including learning about brands and businesses. Whatever they notice on TV or in advertisements, they search for it on social media.

Having social media at our fingertips, we are now all out of the era of TV or radio advertisements. You given a choice to continue watching switch to a different channel or select from an infinite amount of information that is ad-free. 

2.    68% of Consumers Said That They Communicate with Brands and Businesses on social media

Social media encourages discussion and offers customers uncommon opportunities to engage, whereas traditional marketing and advertising approaches are one-way media. Where corporations rely on their monologue to win over a consumer.

At least two out of every five customers claim to interact with a brand or business by “liking” or following it on social media. Additionally, customers use social media as a feedback channel. Where they may voice complaints about products, write reviews, or send a business a personal note.

3.    72% of Companies Use Social Media Data to Inform Business Decisions

According to 72% of executives questioned social data is already the most important data source used to guide company decisions even more so than market research. Consequently, 85% of respondents think that social data will eventually replace traditional sources of corporate insight.

The social media landscape may appear busy and noisy at first glance, but when marketers are able to break through the clutter with analytics and social listening tools, they may uncover a vast collection of insightful data that the savviest companies utilize to differentiate their campaigns.

In a Nutshell

As of now, you will be aware of how social media is changing the way businesses communicate with their customers. So, the businesses who were concerned of when to start making greater investment in social, this is time to avail the opportunity. Once you begin putting social media efforts as a crucial business aspect. Your company will surely open a pathway toward success.