Rockspace Extender Setup

Are you experiencing weak Wi-Fi signals at your home or place of business? If so, a Rockspace Wi-Fi range extender may be just what you need to improve your connectivity. In this guide, we will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions for Rockspace extender setup using the local web address re.rockspace.local. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a reliable and fast internet connection throughout your space. Let’s get started!

You can Configure your extender in two Methods:

  • Manual Method
  • WPS button

Manually setting up a Rockspace wifi extender

You can manually configure your rockspace extender by following the steps below:

  • Your rockspace repeater should be opened and placed.
  • Connect your Rockspace WiFi extender.
  • Go to your laptop or PC.
  • Verify that your rockspace extender is close to the router.
  • Connect your device to the web.
  • Select any web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • Then register for Rockspace.
  • Then, as shown on the screen, proceed

Rockspace Extender Setup doesn’t have to be a complicated process. If you encounter any issues during the setup process using the re.rockspace.local web address, don’t worry. Your Rockspace extender can also be configured using the WPS method, which is quick and easy to use.

Rockspace extender Setup via WPS button

Your rockspace Extender may be set up quickly and easily using WPS (wireless protected setup). A router function called WPS makes connecting wifi-enabled devices to a safe wireless network simpler.

Follow these procedures for Rockspace extender Setup through the WPS button:

A power outlet should be connected to your rockspace extender.

  • Watch for the power light on your extender  to go solid.
  • Next, make your initial WPS button press on your rockspace extender.
  • Repeat the procedure on your router in 1-2 minutes.
  • The extender  LEDs on both devices start to blink.
  • Never turn off your WiFi extender while configuring is going on.
  • Allow your rockspace extender some time to connect to your home network.

This is the procedure for rockspace extender Setup using the WPS method. After the setup process, if you experience any issues with your rockspace extender. Continue reading to learn how to update the firmware on your extender and how to upgrade or reset your rockspace repeater.

How do I update the Firmware on my Rockspace extender using

First, firmware updates are meant to boost your extender’s functionality. if you are experiencing buffering due to a slow internet connection.If so, just carry out the firmware upgrade. Follow the directions below to get the most recent firmware for your extension in order to upgrade your Rockspace firmware.

Here are several ways to update your Rockspace extender:

  • Link up with the extender.
  • Activate the browser.
  • You can go to re.rockspace.local.
  • Your username and password are required to log in.
  • From the menu, choose Firmware update.
  • Select the most recent firmware from the administration bar by navigating there.
  • A few minutes will be needed for the firmware upgrade.
  • Don’t shut off the power while upgrading, please.
  • After then, your Rockspace extender will restart.

Contact our experts via live chat or phone if you experience any issues while updating the firmware on your Rockspace. They can help you locate better solutions.

How can I reset Rockspace wifi extender?

If your repeater isn’t giving you enough internet connectivity, if you’ve forgotten your username and password. Then, reset your Rockspace extender with a pointed pin, paper clip, or needle.

Follow the instructions below to reset your Rockspace extender:

  • To turn on the extender, plug it into an outlet.
  • A solid blue light will then appear on your extender after that.
  • Through the reset hole, insert a pin.
  • Hold the pin in place for at least 8 to 10 seconds.
  • From the reset hole, take the pin out.
  • Afterward, watch for the LED to turn solid blue.
  • After that, your Rockspace extender will restart on its own.

A factory reset has been performed on the rockspace extender. Please get in touch with our technical support team if you still need help with your rockspace extender.

How can I access re.rockspace.local?

The login process is very simple. The steps for logging onto re.rockspace.local are as follows:

  • Open a browser on your PC or mobile device.
  • Enter re.rockspace.local in the address bar
  • The login page will show up on your screen when you hit enter.
  • Type in your username and admin as your login details.
  • All settings and features of the re.rockspace.local interface are now available to you.

This method of accessing re.rockspace.local is the best. You may simply get in touch with our technical experts if you have any questions concerning your Rockspace wifi extender.