Revolutionizing the Infra-Industry with Komatsu & Manitou Heavy-Duty Machines

Revolutionizing the Infra-Industry with Komatsu & Manitou Heavy-Duty Machines

The consistent launch of heavy-duty equipment & the upgradation of the existing ones have boosted infra-industry growth. Additionally, brands like Manitou and Komatsu have earned their reputation owing to their inventive heavy-duty models equipped with smart technology.

Moreover, these equipment ensure quality performance with high-work output. For instance, Komatsu PC210 LC11 and Manitou MXT 1740 P have become two of the most sought-after heavy-duty equipment. Especially for construction projects in India.

Top Selling Heavy-Duty Equipment in 2023: Price & Features

Komatsu PC210 LC11 Excavator

This excavator from Komatsu tops the chart of best-selling excavators for the right reasons. To substantiate, the model significantly facilitates excavation, thanks to its max dig depth capacity of 6620 mm. This particular feature ensures maximum work output while saving time.

Additionally, the model comes with an operating weight of 22000 kg. Such a massive weighing capacity further upscales work productivity at construction & mining sites. 

Moreover, the model is built with a high-performing engine, generating up to 165 HP. Such a powerful engine has boosted work efficiency & operations at on-site jobs requiring complex tasks.

Above all, the price range of this model ranges from Rs. 64 Lakhs and goes up to Rs 66 Lakhs in India. Hence, all these features at such a reasonable price range make Komatsu PC210 LC11 ideal excavation equipment.

Manitou MXT 1740 P Telehandler

This high-performing heavy construction equipment has surpassed all the work output expectations. To begin with, the model comes with a high-performing engine, producing up to 70 HP. This particular feature delivers maximum work output at on-site jobs.

Moreover, the machine can carry up to 4000 kg of load, subsequently contributing to the project’s completion on time. Additionally, the model can lift material to a height of 17 metres above the ground. This feature, as a result, increases work productivity.

Overall, the price range of this model is quite reasonable. The starting price of this telehandler starts from Rs. 51 Lakhs and goes up to 53 Lakh in India.

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