Nursery and Global Montessori Schools in Abu Dhabi

Montessori Schools

Abu Dhabi is one of the most expat-friendly nations in the world, offering talented people from around the world ample opportunity to find well-paying jobs there. The emirate boasts an enviable standard of living that allows many of its expat residents to live there with their families including their children. 

What’s more, there are quite a few world-class nursery schools and global Montessori schools in Abu Dhabi that they can send their children to.

Let’s take a look at the best-known ones in this article. 

1. Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi

Global Indian International School is, in fact, a world-class nursery school to grade 12 educational institution of great repute that provides world-class education to its students on its well-appointed hi-tech campus. 

Its teachers are some of the most well-trained and experienced and play a pivotal role in ensuring that every child learns, grows and develops to the best of his or her abilities.

The school offers its students the much sought after Global Montessori and CBSE curricula. The former is for pre kindergarten, kindergarten 1 and kindergarten 2 classes and offers them the best possible exposure to the most holistic and modern pedagogy. 

It is hardly surprising that the school is the first choice for most Indian expat parents, as well as those from other countries as the place to send their children to for early years education. GIIS Abu Dhabi is one of the many highly acclaimed schools run by a globally renowned Indian chain of international schools. 

2. Global Montessori Nursery

Rated ‘Outstanding’ by ADEK Global Montessori Nursery Abu Dhabi is indeed the definitive Montessori school in the region. Not only does it offer world-class Montessori education, but it also provides access to the Early Years Foundation Stage (UK) to children in the 18 months to 4 years age group. 

It boasts world-class teachers and support staff who ensure that the little one’s initiation into the formal world of education is a smooth and seamless process that is all about growth while having fun.

Among other things the school offers a fully integrated curriculum that is inclusive of Arabic language, music, the arts, mindfulness and yoga, ensuring that every child gets a fully holistic education. 

The school has a most impressive campus for a Montessori school replete with a range of modern cutting edge amenities and facilities comparable with the best in the world. It is not surprising that Global Montessori Nursery is so popular with both the expat communities living in Abu Dhabi, as well as the local Arab community.

3. Ladybird Nursery Abu Dhabi

Ladybird Nursery, Abu Dhabi is a British nursery with a great reputation for making confident individuals out of children. It accepts children in the 3 months to 4 years age group and provides them with a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment to grow and prosper. Ladybird Nursery is one of the oldest schools of its kind in Abu Dhabi that offers both the British EYFS system and the Montessori curriculum.

The school has a well-appointed campus as well as highly experienced teachers and staff who ensure that every child learns and grows to their best possible potential. Promoting the independence of the little ones is the cornerstone of their education philosophy. 

The areas of focus while imparting early education to children are personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language development. Ladybird Nursery Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly among the premier nursery schools in the region which is exceedingly popular with the expat communities living there.


The global nursery and Montessori schools of Abu Dhabi are as good as the best anywhere encouraging expats from around the world living in the region to enrol their children in these educational institutions. 

The presence of these schools and the international primary, secondary and high school ones are instrumental in the decision of many expats from every corner of the world to consider seeking employment in the Emirate and moving there with their families including school going children.

Considering how important the expat presence is to the economy of the region, these schools are playing a very crucial role in helping the growth of the region. The children who study at these schools, for their part, get to learn and grow in a modern, international environment which has a very positive impact on both their personality and their ability to function in a world that is truly global. 

It is not surprising that Abu Dhabi has earned a formidable reputation as a regional hub of international schooling. That can only augur well for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as education provides the very foundation for any place’s future prospects. Going forward, the students of these nursery and Montessori schools will surely make their parents and alma maters very proud.