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Due to its picturesque surroundings and undulating hills, Coorg is referred to as “The Scotland of India”. This hill town, which is part of the Kodagu area, is more than 1500 meters above sea level. The hospitality, coffee, cardamom, pepper, orange, and honey of the Kodava people are well-known worldwide. Kodavas are renowned for having a unique cultures and customs. The smallest district, Coorg, is located halfway between bangalore and Mysore. It is surrounded by hills and home to fierce men and women. Kodagu is another name for Coorg. There are evergreen woods, coffee, spice, and colonial house plantations.

Bangalore to Mysore tour package

Bangalore to mysore tour package is kind of accepted that a day excursion to Mysore is normally planned for one of the weekends if you live in Bangalore.Yet, THAT weekend never seemed to arrive.Unless your visitors are your parents or a buddy who is desperate to see the Mysore Palace.Throughout the first six of my ten years in Bangalore, I didn’t travel to Mysore.I am aware that many anticipate Mysore to be rich in grandeur and ancient wisdom. But to be completely honest, some of the locations are just meh. Particularly if you have already travelled in South India.

How to Go From Bangalore to Mysore for a Day Trip

By bus :

 Bestbus offers daily bus tours to Mysore from Bangalore that take in all the city’s top tourist attractions. We will pick up visitors in the morning from various Bangalore locales, take them to Mysore Sightseeing, and return them in the evening to Bangalore.

The itineraries of the AC and non-AC buses will differ; thus, before making a reservation, please examine the itineraries of both buses. Both the Mysore to Mysore City Tour and the Bangalore to Mysore City Tour are offered by us. Since 2016, has been running this Mysore Sightseeing from Bangalore package. We also provide One Day Bangalore Sightseeing. One person’s tour package costs $3000.


Package 1: Rs. 650 per person for a one-day Mysore touring package

Package 2: 1N/2D (one night, two days) Package to Mysore and Ooty for Rs. 2900 per person

Package 3: 2N/3D stands for 2 nights and 3 days. 4800/person for the Mysore Ooty Coonoor Package

Package 4 includes three nights and four days. Package to Mysore, Ooty, and Kodaikanal for Rs. 8000 per person


If you have a car and can drive, this is the most effective method to get to Mysore. In addition to being practical, the journey is also very pleasant because to the slick roads and beautiful scenery. Driving there and back takes roughly 3 hours, including stops. It is essential to depart as early as 6 am if you are considering a day vacation to Mysore in order to visit the most of its tourist attractions. Rent a zoomcar if you know how to drive but don’t own a vehicle.


The same convenience is provided by a taxi, minus the driving part. Your itinerary may be readily modified, which is perfect for families. Depending on the automobile, a full-day drive from Bangalore to Mysore and return with sightseeing can cost you anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000. Local cab services like and as well as Ola Outstation allow you to make taxi reservations.

Day excursions are a great alternative if you want to save costs significantly. The bus takes you to all the main tourist attractions in Mysore and begins and ends inside Bangalore city. The price ranges from 450 rupees for a non-AC, non-deluxe bus to 850 rupees for an AC, non-deluxe bus, and above. There is no food included in the box.

The service is ordinary, which is a drawback. Even a large tour group can occasionally become congested. Therefore consider upgrading your bundle if you want a more customised experience and are willing to pay extra.

Get a guide for a trip in Mysore: 

Train from Bangalore to Mysore for a day trip: Every day, more than 20 trains travel frequently between Bangalore and Mysore. Starting at 5.30 am, you may catch one whenever it’s convenient for you. A local train can cost as little as 80 cents, while an executive class seat on a superfast train like the Shatabdi Express can cost as much as 960 cents. You may use to determine availability and to purchase tickets.


Mysore is a well-known tourist attraction in and of itself and acts as a hub for other tourist destinations.Over the ten-day Dasara celebration, the city sees a large influx of tourists.The Amba Vilas Palace, often known as the Mysore Palace, is one of India’s most popular tourist attractions and the focal point of the Dasara celebrations.Other palaces in the city include the Lalitha Mahal, the Sand Sculpture Museum, the Jayalakshmi Vilas, and the Jaganmohana Palace. The Chamundi Hills’ Chamundeshwari Temple and Mysore’s St. Philomena’s Church and Wesley’s Cathedral are also noteworthy religious sites.