Medical Gloves Market Report Share and Growth 2023-2027

According to Renub Research “Medical Gloves Market, Global Forecast 2023-2027, Industry Trends, Growth, Impact of Inflation, Opportunity Company Analysis” report, Global Medical Gloves Market will expand with a CAGR of 7.65% from 2022 to 2027. Medical gloves play a crucial role in protecting healthcare professionals and patients from potential infections and cross-contamination. The use of medical gloves has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they provide a barrier against the virus. There are different types of materials used in the production of medical gloves, including polyvinyl, nitrile rubber, latex, and neoprene.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of material depends on the specific application and user preferences.The increasing incidence of infectious diseases and surgical procedures, as well as the need to prevent the spread of germs and blood-borne infections, are the primary drivers of the expansion of the medical gloves market. In the United States alone, the high incidence rate of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) is driving healthcare facility management and governments to focus on maintaining facility hygiene and taking preventive measures, resulting in profitable market expansion.

Seasonal factors, such as the frequency of viral outbreaks and infectious disorders, have also contributed to the increase in demand for disposable medical gloves in the healthcare sector. This demand has been further fueled by growing knowledge of health and safety precautions related to patient care and emergency response occurrences. The development of healthcare infrastructure and healthcare reforms across several countries, increasing geriatric population, and rising hygiene standards are also expected to boost market growth over the forecast period. Medical professionals are adopting double gloving to avoid the risk of glove failure due to wear and tear, which is anticipated to further drive market growth. Overall, the medical gloves market is expected to continue expanding due to the increasing demand for personal protective equipment and growing awareness of the importance of maintaining hygiene in healthcare facilities.

Enhanced chemical resistance of nitrile gloves is expected to drive the growth of the medical gloves market

In addition to the superior chemical resistance of nitrile gloves, their increased use in healthcare settings is also due to their excellent barrier properties, which help prevent the transmission of infectious agents. Nitrile gloves are highly effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, including COVID-19, and their use has become a crucial part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) used by healthcare professionals worldwide.

Moreover, nitrile gloves have become increasingly affordable and widely available, with many manufacturers offering competitive pricing and various sizes and thickness options. This has made them accessible to a broader range of industries and individuals who require protection against harmful chemicals, pathogens, and other hazards.

Raw Material – Medical Gloves Market breakup from 5 viewpoints:

1.    Latex gloves

2.    Nitrile gloves

3.    Vinyl gloves

4.    Neoprene gloves

5.    Others

Non-sterile gloves segment is expected to grow more in the Medical Gloves Market due to their affordability, versatility, and wide range of applications

The non-sterile gloves segment is expected to grow significantly in the medical glove market. Non-sterile gloves are used in a wide range of applications in the healthcare industry, including routine medical examinations, patient care, and handling of hazardous materials. They are also used in the food and beverage industry, as well as in other industries that require hand protection. Non-sterile gloves are widely used in healthcare facilities to protect healthcare workers and patients from infectious agents, and their use has become a critical part of infection control measures.

Non-sterile gloves are more cost-effective than sterile gloves, making them a preferred choice for routine medical procedures and other applications that do not require a sterile environment. They are also more widely available, with many manufacturers offering a range of sizes and materials to meet the needs of various industries. The ongoing expansion of the healthcare industry, increasing awareness of the importance of hygiene and safety standards, and the demand for hand protection in various industries are all expected to contribute to the growth of the non-sterile gloves segment in the coming years.

Sterility – Medical Gloves Market breakup from 2 viewpoints:

1.    Sterile gloves

2.    Non- Sterile gloves

Demand for non-powdered gloves is expected to increase in the coming years as healthcare facilities, industries, and regulatory bodies continue to prioritize health and safety concerns

The use of non-powdered gloves is expected to increase in the upcoming years due to a growing awareness of the potential health risks associated with powdered gloves. Powdered gloves are typically lubricated with cornstarch or other powder agents to make them easier to put on and take off, but these powders can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and other health issues. In response to these concerns, many healthcare facilities and industries are shifting towards non-powdered gloves.

The shift towards non-powdered gloves is driven not only by health concerns but also by regulatory requirements. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned the use of powdered medical gloves in the United States, citing the potential health risks. As a result, many manufacturers are phasing out powdered gloves in favor of non-powdered options. The demand for non-powdered gloves is expected to increase in the coming years as healthcare facilities, industries, and regulatory bodies continue to prioritize health and safety concerns.

Form – Medical Gloves Market breakup from 2 viewpoints:

1.    Powdered Form

2.     Non – Powdered Form

Versatility and high level of protection provided by surgical gloves are expected to contribute to their continued market dominance in the medical glove industry

Surgical gloves are expected to hold a significant share in the medical glove market. Surgical gloves are designed specifically for use in surgical procedures and provide a high level of protection against contamination and infection. They are made from a variety of materials, including latex, nitrile, and neoprene, and are available in both sterile and non-sterile forms. The demand for surgical gloves is driven by the increasing number of surgical procedures being performed globally, as well as the rising incidence of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and other infectious diseases.

Application – Medical Gloves Market breakup from 2 viewpoints:

1.    Examination Gloves

2.    Surgical Gloves

Demand for medical gloves in the hospital market is driven by the need for infection control and prevention

The hospital market is being propelled by the rising rates of infectious diseases and the establishment of infection prevention standards. Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are a major concern in healthcare facilities and are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The incidence of HAIs has been increasing in recent years, leading to a growing demand for infection prevention products and services. This has led to the establishment of infection prevention standards, which require hospitals to implement measures to prevent and control infections. Surgical gloves, in particular, are an essential component of infection control in surgical procedures. They provide a barrier between the surgeon and the patient, protecting both from potential infections. The rising number of surgical procedures being performed globally is also driving the demand for surgical gloves.

End User- Medical Gloves Market breakup from 5 viewpoints:

1.    Hospital

2.    Clinical

3.    Ambulatory Surgery.

4.    Diagnostic Centre

5.    Others

North America is expected to lead the medical gloves market due to the presence of a well-established healthcare infrastructure and stringent regulations

The medical gloves industry is projected to be led by North America, owing to its well-established healthcare infrastructure, strict regulations related to healthcare safety and hygiene, and high healthcare expenditure. The United States, being one of the largest markets for medical gloves in the region, is driven by the growing prevalence of infectious diseases, rising demand for surgical procedures, and increased awareness regarding the significance of infection prevention measures in the healthcare industry. Moreover, the region has witnessed a surge in demand for medical gloves during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) in healthcare settings.

On the other hand, the Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to experience substantial growth in the medical gloves industry due to the increasing development of healthcare infrastructure, growing awareness about hygiene and safety measures, and rising demand for healthcare services in countries like China and India. The presence of a large population and rising healthcare expenditure in the region is also contributing to the expansion of the medical gloves market. Additionally, the region has a significant number of medical gloves manufacturers, which is driving the availability and affordability of these products in the market.

Region – Medical Gloves Market breakup from 5 viewpoints:

1.    North America

2.    Europe

3.    Asia- Pacific

4.    Latin America

5.    Middle East & Africa


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Key Company

Cardinal Health Inc., Honeywell International Inc., 3M Company, Ansell Limited, Semperit AG Holdings, Kossan Rubber Industries BHD, Hartalega Holdings Berhad, and Careplus Group Berhad are among the primary key players operating in the medical glove industry. These companies are some of the leading players in the medical gloves market and are involved in the manufacturing and distribution of various types of medical gloves.

Key Players: All key players have been covered from 3 points such as:

•    Overview

•    Recent Developments

•    Financial Insights

Company Analysis:

1.    Cardinal Health Inc.

2.    Honeywell International Inc.

3.    3M Company

4.    Ansell Limited

5.    Semperit AG Holdings

6.    Kossan Rubber Industries BHD

7.    Hartalega Holdings Berhad

8.    Care plus Group Berhad

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