Magnetic Closing Boxes: What Are They?

magnetic boxes

Magnetic sealing boxes considerably improve the ease of any sort of packing. The magnetic boxes open and close with a single action, giving your items a high-end appearance. The first step in this simple yet stunning design is to use a sturdy cardboard or wood gift box with a magnetic closing. Then, insert two flat magnet plates into the front box divider. The magnets attract each other and firmly close the lid when you slide the flap to close the box.

The flip-top box with magnetic closure and a magnetic catch is the most common term for these boxes. To make these boxes, we exclusively utilize top grade, thick, strong material wrapped in premium paper.

Why do luxury manufacturers use magnetic closure packaging?

These magnetic boxes are as sumptuous as the bulk of premium companies’ merchandise.

These are great for distributing promotional and stunning magnetic gift boxes to customers and clients.

A flip-top box with a magnetic closing provides the premium brand an advantage over its competitors as the packaging solution of the future.

Luxury packaging is required for the luxury goods. As a result, magnetic boxes are used by the vast majority of high-end businesses. It’s satisfying to see the magnets align in order to seal the box.

These boxes imply that the contents are expensive and high-quality. These boxes are used to package the most costly things since they are expensive and upmarket.

Any luxury that is too simple to have, as the adage goes, is not luxury at all.

Jewelry boxes with magnetic closures

Delicate and pricey jewelry requires a luxury case that compliments its beauty. Because they look and feel premium, magnetic boxes are a fantastic alternative for such packaging. These boxes are perfect for both displaying and storing your valuables. These handmade rigid boxes with magnetic-closing lids provide the ultimate dust and damage protection for your valuables.

“We design boxes with the same skill as a jeweler does jewelry!”

Plus printers creates high-quality personalized jewelry boxes. Here, we use heavy-duty material and high-quality magnetic closures. We use high-grade hinges to increase the quality and durability of our magnetic boxes.

The Plus printers Magnetic Closing Gift Box has a unique and exquisite design and construction. All magnetic boxes are constructed of solid gray board. The magnetic latch on the lid of the box makes it unique and inventive. The magnetic clasp on the gift box is enough for sealing all retail and gift products. Magnetic boxes are widely used by businesses to make a good impression on customers.

The Advantages of a Magnetic Gift Box Printing is without a doubt the life blood of appealing packaging. Our personalized magnetic boxes are made even more attractive by the excellent printing. If you want such attractive and consistent packing, Plus printers takes care of everything. You’re all set once you’ve chosen your personalized design.

magnetic containers

Using a magnetic packing box allows for a lot of customization. There are no clips or catches, just a basic, customisable box. This is the materialization of flexible packaging. Magnetic gift boxes take standard hard materials to a whole new level.