Learning By Doing with Biology Lab Manual Class 12

Biology Lab Manual Class 12

Laboratory manuals describe all the projects and experiments you will cover in the curriculum. These manuals are created to help you understand biology’s practical side and develop important skills. When you use the book Biology Lab Manual Class 12, you can understand the theoretical concepts of your textbook better. And thus, it is the best manual for learning by doing. 

Contents of Biology Lab Manual Class 12

L. C. Saha and D. K. Sinha wrote the lab manual, published by Bharati Bhawan Publishers & Distributors in paperback form. The lab manual for Class 12 follows the latest CBSE syllabus. The syllabus is based on the various experiments based on your theoretical knowledge of the textbook. Hence, before you begin practising from your Biology Lab Manual class 12, you must clearly know your theoretical information. 

Once you begin conducting experiments in your class and test the scientific theories, you will achieve incomparable clarity behind the working of living organisms. Hence, having a lab manual, especially in Class 12, is immensely useful and prepares you for your practical board exams. 

Why Practice from Biology Lab Manual Class 12?

The Biology lab manual has many benefits, aiding towards boosting and clarifying your knowledge on concepts through practicing the experiments. Other than these, there are several other reasons why you must consider using a lab manual:

Introductory Material

The Biology Lab Manual class 12 contains introductory materials for every experiment. These introductory materials come with the background information of the experiments. Hence, when you begin testing scientific theories, you are armed with all the necessary information. Even if you might need to remember something from your theory textbook, the introductory material of the lab manual will remind you of that information.

Questions for Viva Voce

The Biology lab manual intends to prepare you for your board exam in the best way possible. It has a separate section for viva voce. Where you will be asked oral questions based on your practical experiments. Hence, the lab manual comes with questions for viva voce after the details of the experiment. With these questions, you will have a clear idea of the questions you might be asked on your viva voce day. 

Comprehensive Guidance

Another reason of using a Biology lab manual is it gives you the proper guidance you need. When conducting experiments on a specific topic, you need to know detailed information about how you can dissect something or even with observing the microscopic elements. 

The guidance informs you about what you should do at every step of your experiment and keeps you on track with learning. 

Clear and Concise Instructions

The most important part of Biology Lab Manual class 12 is its experiment. And if it is given in a clear and concise form, you can follow the steps. Hence, the authors of the Biology lab manual have ensured to provide clear and concise instructions that are also detailed enough that you can understand what steps to perform for each experiment. 

Real-life Examples

The Biology lab manual comes with real-life examples of experiments that help you understand the aftermath of each experiment. It also clears any doubts behind the implementation of the experiment and how you can apply it in the real world. 

Tips on Maximising the Use of Biology Lab Manual Class 12 

Now that you know why you should practice using a lab manual, you can also explore how to maximise usage. You can maximise the use of the Biology lab manual by following the below tips:

  • Discover the lab manual inside and out. It might sound obvious, but it needs to be emphasised. Before you begin with your experiments, go through the entire manual. It will give you a good idea of all the resources locked in it.
  • Utilise the lab manual as a guide. Once you have read it for the first time, keep the manual handy while you do the experiments. In such a way, you can check for any information you need instantly. 
  • Take notes in your manual. Even though the Biology lab manual has been created with all the information you need, you can still note down your observations of the experiment. That way, you will know how an experiment worked out for you. 


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