League of Legends Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide

Playing a MOBA with your Mobile Device

Many players already have that “LoL” knowledge. From years ago, the League of Legends Wild Rift “fever” began spreading through everyone across the globe with the attractive graphics and “priceless” business model. From the early stages of LOL Wild Rift, you could download all the files and play a match without spending a cent.

Nowadays, you can get all that wonderful gaming “juice” with extra features. With the “latest” technology improvements, you can play League of Legends: Wild Rift on any mobile device. In other words, you can play anytime, anywhere. Above all, you can grab extra Wild Cores (in-game premium currency) with astonishing offers in U7BUY. 

This article will discuss tips and tricks that help you get into the video game.

League of Legends Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide

Many of the points in this list are easy to follow. Although, if you get stuck while playing, you can always come back and clear all those doubts. Remember, everyone has their pace while playing video games. 

Discover the Attractiveness of a MOBA Game

If you’re new to the genre of LOL Wild Rift, have no worries. Overall the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) concept is simple. First, the big gaming mechanic “dictates” that two teams (mostly of five players) fight against each other. Secondly, both teams use the same map, which gets almost the same elements on each half.

Lastly, the main goal is to destroy a team’s big building (called Nexus in the League of Legends universe). After you complete the objective, your team wins the match. 

Being a team-oriented genre, the “blame” after losing changes on each encounter. Sometimes you have a bad time, and on different occasions, someone else makes crucial mistakes. Find out more about League of Legends Wild Rift and other popular video games on the U7BUY website.

Learn the Different Roles

Following the RPG (Role-Playing Games) guidelines, players follow an archetype in a MOBA match. In LOL Wild Rift you’ll find:

Mid-Lane: The player is positioned in the middle path of the map. They gain experience faster and move around the area to help their teammates. 

Top-Lane: Often called the “single-player” path. You’ll fight against another player and maintain all your focus on the top part of the map.

Jungle: Move around the “forest” and slay all the monsters on your path.

Support: Assist your teammates with abilities that restore health or give outstanding advantages (buffs).

DPS: “Farm” the enemy’s minions until you have enough Gold to buy strong items. Afterward, you can lead your team to victory.

Read about the Champions

All of the characters in League of Legends: Wild Rift have unique attributes and specific roles. Before you pick (or unlock) any option, read their characteristics and check for meaningful information.