Latest trends and technologies of exhibition booth designs

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exhibition booth designs have evolved into a successful venue for businesses to connect with their target audience while also strengthening their business network. As technology advances. More and more exhibitors are drawn to marketing their brands through stand design ideas that are more appealing and interactive. Because of the ever-changing technological landscape, show attendees want to see stand construction company Netherlands designs that creatively combine the latest technologies while building exhibition booth construction Netherlands.

Including technology in your next stand design could provide a good return on investment. There is a wealth of high-tech equipment available to assist in increasing the quantity of leads at exhibitions while decreasing the effort of your on-stand sales personnel. The technologies listed below can be included into your show stand design to make it more appealing.

Augmented reality:

People are addicted to their smart devices. And the technology that works with them will undoubtedly fascinate everyone. As a result, augmented reality offers enormous potential for creating very engaging exhibition content.

Virtual reality:

Visitors nowadays demand authentic emotional experiences, and using immersive technology would make it truly memorable. Virtual reality allows you to engage your audience on a whole new level by providing them with a multi-sensory experience. It gives people a cause to talk to you and learn more about your company. Exhibition stand design construction Netherlands incorporates a VR tech demo into your stand design allows your audience to interact with your company and gives them a better representation of what you have to offer. It will create a three-dimensional environment or virtual world in which the audience may interact with your brand on a personal level.

Quick response codes:

With so much competition at an expo, it is critical not only to capture your customer’s attention but also to hook them on your brand. Quick Response codes (QR Codes) are one of the greatest solutions for ensuring this happens. You must choose a booth construction company Netherlands give rapid and dependable links to your website, online content, or mobile apps, allowing users to access information long after they have left the event. Including QR Codes in your exhibition stand design Dusseldorf will undoubtedly help you win the marketing game.

Beacon technology:

In comparison to other technologies, beacon technology helps to engage visitors more accurately. Exhibition stand design Netherlands with beacon technology in your stand design will allow you to connect with prospects who are close to your display. You can send a push notice to their mobile welcome them to your booth and informing them of the events taking place around your booth. You can also use it to distribute your brochure or flyer. This allows you to go paperless, and anyone passing by your booth will receive your flyers without the need for files and folders.


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