Kudremukh Peak


Karnataka- The sixth largest Indian state by land is famous for its wildlife, heritage destination, waterfalls, pilgrimage, hill stations. Kudremukh trek is one of its most beautiful trekking places. Kudremukh trek has its own uniqueness which provides a very beautiful and mesmerizing sight to people to feel the environment. This journey makes people bound to upload their experiences on social media. Other people are also attracted by the feeling that is shared by the trekkers through language. Mostly it attracts people from its shape which is very unique and can be seen from a distance. 

Kudremukh trek

Kudremukh trek is considered as the third highest peak of Karnataka which is situated at Chikmagalur. It is popularly known as Himalaya of the south. It is situated at a height of 6207 feet above sea level. It is also called mini Scotland of India. It covers a dense forest about 600 square kilometers. It is also known as horse face as it looks like the face of a horse from a distance. People should start their trek as early as possible in the morning. People should start in the morning as it takes 4 to 5 hours to reach the peak and similarly that much time to return. Kudremukh trek has everything including hills, bamboo shrub, clouds touching the mountain, forests, waterfalls. Trekkers can feel the beauty of surrounding as well as western ghats during trekking to Kudremukh trek. It is assumed that kudremukh is considered as the landmark for sailors. Besiding the main trek of kudremukh peak, the other trekking trails are Gangadikal peak, Valikunda, Seetha Bhumi peak, narasimha parvatha and kurinjal peak.

 The best time for trekking is monsoon:

 It has naturally scenic places called Ganga moola where rivers like Tunga, Bhadra and Netravati start their pathways. This place is situated in Bhagawathi forest where the image of goddess Bhagawathi draws attention and attracts many people. The kudremukh national park has a wide range of wildlife including leopard, sambar, mongoose, jackal, langur, tiger, porcupine, barking deer, wild dog, spotted deer and flying squirrel. A huge variety of birds are also available to see that includes Malabar trogon, imperial pigeon and Malabar whistling thrush. 

People can see 200 varieties of birds in Kudremukh forest. Treks can be done to the hills of kudremukh where camping is not allowed and return before sunset is mandatory. Kudremukh trek normally starts from mulodi hills which is just 10 km away from kalasa hub. People absorb the beauty within them. Kudremukh trek is known as Samseparvath as it belongs to Samse village. Trekkers move through many hills, greenlands, valleys, forests to reach the peak. This trek gives happiness and pleasure to adventure seeker trekkers as this trek is very adventurous. One most important thing is that only 50 persons are allowed to trek in a day. People also trek to shola forest to reach kudremukh trek. Shola referred to grassland and shrubs normally. Shola forest includes a huge range of wildlife inside it. During monsoon, leeches are available in a great number. People also come across many waterfalls and streams by which their legs get wet. Trekkers cross by a coffee plantation. Trekkers also uploaded their experience of trekking to Kudremukh trek which is one of the main reasons to attract people towards it. Their experiences in written form also create a form of life within the readers which tremble their mind to go. 

Some important things

Staying and resting with trekkers is very common. So they stay normally in mullodi village. The villagers provide a small foam sheet to sleep in instead of beds and mattresses. They provide a common bathroom according to their genders. Carrying a blanket is better for trekkers which helps them to sleep at night. Trekkers should carry an ID card, nuts and dry fruits, water bottle, quick dry t-shirt, waterproof backpack, camera, mosquito repellent cream, sunglasses, hat, warm jacket for night, salt to avoid leeches, shoes, power bank, extra pair of clothes, sunscreen and lunch box. These things will help them for their safe journey. 


Kudremukh trek is an adventurous trek, so people must take care of their safety during trekking. They should take adequate food before trekking which provides energy to move on easily. They should not tease any animals or play with them during trekking. They should learn every technique that will help them to get rid of their problems in the forest. They must be eco-friendly. They should enjoy their trekking journey safely.