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Kareri Lake Trek


Kareri Lake Trek is located in Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the best treks in India. It is suitable for both beginners as well as moderators. It is a trek of three days with a length of 22 kilometres. Kareri Lake, otherwise called Kumarwah Lake, is located in the Dhauladhar range, lying 9 KMs from Dharamshala. This shallow lake is a freshwater chilly lake at a height of 2,934 meters and makes the most pleasant area. The water is perfectly clear, and at most places, you’ll have the option to recognize the lake bed – which is a superb encounter all alone. The impression of the sky above is another lovely gift this lake presents. Encircled by lovely mountain ranges, Kareri lake trek is a seriously beautiful open air thing to do. The journey takes you through numerous cascades and spouting streams while likewise furnishing you with differentiating knolls. Making for an exquisite end of the week experience, Kareri lake is a delightful, outside of what might be expected path.

It is consistently prudent to have an aide while going out on an undertaking in the slopes. Particularly for first-time travellers, the courses could get confounding, and in the event that you’re not used to tracking down your direction in the slopes – it very well may be an unnerving encounter. Continuously be ready, and some assistance is never overlooked.

Best time to visit

While the lake stays frozen for a significant lump of the year, the excellence and peacefulness in the cold weather months are likewise worth getting a charge out of. Nonetheless, in the event that you’re searching for some quietness in the colder time of year – Kareri offers that as far as possible too. Walk to July (i.e., pre-storm season) and afterward again from September to December (before freezing temperatures) makes for a brilliant end of the week journey insight. It is ideal to stay away from the rainstorm season as moving the mountains during that period can be dangerous and risky. 

Things to carry for Kareri Lake Trek

Floaters or sandals


Day Backpack

Thermal shoes

Medicines and first aid box

Torch with spare batteries

3 quick dry sheets

Cotton socks

Sun cap and gloves



Toiletries and towels


Cash and credit card


Light – weighted eateries

Trekking shoes

Carry light weighted luggage as much as possible. 

Tips to remember

  1. The weather conditions here is very eccentric. Continuously convey your downpour stuff and time your climb, particularly when you’re in Kareri during the rainstorm. 
  2. On the off chance that you intend to remain at Kareri Town for over a day, make game plans for food and water from Ghera.
  3. ATMs can be gotten to just in Dharamshala and there are no arrangements to pull out cash ahead on the course.
  4. Try not to drink stream water. You should convey 2 liters of water consistently. The containers can be topped off from the shacks halfway.

About Kareri Lake Trek

Kareri Lake Journey is a trip to high height freshwater lake arranged at an elevation of 2950 meters above ocean level. Kareri Lake is encircled by grand glades and Dhauladhars. The glacial masses situated in the Dhauladhars go about as a water hotspot for the Kareri lake. The Kareri Lake journey begins from a little town called Kareri, which is close to 2 hours from Dharamshala. The journey offers astonishing perspectives on the Dhauladhar reaches and valleys.

The path of the Kareri Lake journey is as far as possible climbing from the beginning stage and it goes through the rich backwoods of oak and tidy, thin landscapes, and lovely glades. The site of Kareri Lake is likewise the headquarters of Minkiani and Bleni passes.The stream water of the lake is a 1 among the nearby gaddi shepherds for brushing their domesticated animals. A couple of house-like designs made from stone should be visible close to the lake that are involved by the shepherds as convenience when they are nearby. The actual Lake is really named after the Gaddi Town of Kareri, situated around 9 kilometers away. There is likewise a sanctuary here, on a hillock sitting above the lake, committed to Lord Shiva.


The three day trip to Kareri Lake Journey will be noteworthy and furthermore invigorating fromthe everyday hustle life. It will merit visiting and worth money management your time. It is one of the most mind-blowing lake journey in India.