How Often Should You Book an MOT Test for Your Vehicle in Derby?

The benefits of owning an electric vehicle are numerous. They are exempt from paying road tax, and the congestion charge, and are generally excellent forward-thinking automobiles. They are not, however, exempt from an MOT Test Derby. After the first three years, EVs, like all vehicles, are legally required to obtain an annual MOT.

An MOT certifies that a vehicle is roadworthy and safe to operate. Unlike gasoline or diesel vehicles, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts. As a result, if your electric vehicle fails its MOT, it is significantly less expensive to fix, and costly maintenance is rarely required. This handy article will help you understand everything about an electric car’s MOT test.

What Is the MOT for an Electric Vehicle?

A petrol or diesel car’s MOT is different from an electric car’s MOT. You don’t have to perform an oil or fluid change or an emissions or noise test, either.

Since electric cars just have a single-speed gearbox and no internal combustion engine, testing them doesn’t take very long. Compared to a fuel car MOT, an EV MOT is much easier for mechanics to complete.

We’ve made this helpful step-by-step guide to assist you understand what mechanics will do with your EV during an MOT.

Detailed Instructions for an EV MOT

Step 1

Your mechanic will first enter your vehicle into the official MOT test system. Once this get completed, petrol cars will get subjected to emission and noise tests, but EVs will not.

Step 2

A mechanic will test all of the lights on your electric vehicle to confirm they are operational. Even if the lights are operational, they will get examined to see whether they are too dim for the roadways.

Step 3

At this point, the mechanic will inspect the vehicle’s fundamental safety and convenience features to ensure they are secure and not damaged in any way. They will inspect numerous automotive components, including the windscreen wipers, seatbelts, and windows.

Step 4

An MOT test lift will hoist your vehicle into the air. From here, they will inspect your vehicle’s suspension, tires, and steering system. They will inspect the vehicle for any damage that may render it hazardous.

Step 5

At this point, the mechanic will inspect your mounting points and brackets for rust.

Step 6

The mechanics will do a brake test to check if the brakes are working properly and if they need repairing.

step 7

The final phase of an MOT is to inspect the vehicle’s electrical systems, including the battery’s health and the state of the electric motor.

Checklist for MOT on Electric Vehicles

Although we have discussed the basic procedures technicians would follow during an EV MOT, we have also provided a rough checklist of the components that a mechanic will look at to help you understand what a mechanic is looking for during MOT tests.

Tyres. The vehicle must be roadworthy and have sufficient tread depth to pass the examination. There must be no cuts in the tyres, and the vehicle must get equipped with the proper tyres.

Wheels. The wheels of the electric vehicle must be free of cracks and splits, and all nuts and bolts must be tight.

Bodywork. A mechanic will inspect the electric car’s lights, mirrors, number plates, and general bodywork for signs of corrosion, rust, or damage.

Brakes. They will inspect the brakes to determine whether they are in good working order and if they overheat at all. They will also check the brake fluid levels because regenerative braking requires some brake fluid.

The state of the battery. The car battery replacement Derby must be able to hold enough electricity to start the vehicle as well as power at least four headlamps.

Equipment for charging. The mechanics will inspect the charging port of your vehicle for damage or leaks that could cause an electrical malfunction.

Seatbelt. The mechanic must test the seatbelt to guarantee that it will function properly in the event of an accident. Seatbelts can stretch and deteriorate over time. As a result, annual checkups are essential.

Steering. A mechanic will inspect the wheel and tyre suspension to ensure that it is in good working order.

Windscreen. The MOT test verifies that the windscreen is free of cracks, dents, and holes. Mechanics also check to see if the auto wipers operate properly.

Lights. They will test all of the lights on the automobile, from the hazards to the headlights, to ensure that the functional lights are bright enough.

What Is the Cost of an Electric Car MOT?

Although an electric car MOT Test Derby requires less labor for a mechanic than a fuel or diesel MOT, it does not cost less to perform an MOT. The government prohibits test venues from charging more than £54.85 for a single MOT, which is the most you should anticipate paying.

If you look online or call local garages, you can find cheaper MOT testing, but in general, you should expect to pay £54.85 for an MOT test.