Featuring Eicher Pro & Bharatbenz Tippers: Price & Specs

Eicher Pro 2055T Tipper

A Tipper truck is a huge truck with a tiltable shaft raised for the contents to fall. Tippers can carry loads of goods and is suitable for off-site construction. From high-standard construction projects to garbage dumping, it does several tasks. Moreover, its sturdiness portrays its ability to deliver superior performance. 

Here are the heavy commercial vehicles from Eicher Pro and Bharatbenz; affordability may be a priority for some, while heavy payload for others. Come to know their price and specifications. 

1. Eicher Pro 2055T Tipper 

Power-driven with 3000 CC engine capacity, Eicher Pro 2055T produces 120 HP power with 350 NM torque. However, the engine aligns with the gearbox having 5 Forward + 1 Reverse. 

Equipped with a fuel tank of 60 litres, Eicher Pro 2055T mileage varies between 7 km/l to 8 km/l for dynamic and balanced driving. 

Further, with a high GVW of 6950 kg, the tipper endures a heavy payload of 4500 kg. Its adaptive body is possible for a day cabin with a wheelbase of 2670 MM.

Finally, the On road Eicher Tipper price varies between Rs. 15.46 Lakhs – Rs. 16.21 Lakhs respectively. 

2. Bharatbenz 5532T Tipper 

The Power-driven Bharatbenz 5532T tipper with an engine capacity of 7200 CC is integrated with a 6-cylinder OM 926 engine. It provides 320 HP power with a high torque of 1250 NM. 

Moreover, the tipper is equipped with a 455 litres fuel tank for high mileage at 80 km/h driving speed. It has 23.6% gradeability for longer durability, ensuring safety and convenience. 

Furthermore, the robust body of the tipper with GVW is 55000 KG and carries a heavy payload without any fuss! 

What’s more important are the specifications and reviews after considering pricing. To know more about both Eicher Truck and tippers, visit our website.