Create T-shirt Prints: 3 Steps for You to Learn


Have you ever thought about customizing, but you don’t know how to create t-shirt prints and you can’t pay a professional designer to develop them for you? From the platform of t shirt shop Dallas we will provide you with guidance.

At times when it is necessary to validate a business idea at the lowest possible cost before starting to mass produce T-shirts

Micro-enterprises that need to produce uniforms or institutional materials, but do not have qualified labor or budget to produce the service

People who choose to use creative personalized t-shirts developed based on their own ideas and references, and do not intend to invest high amounts in this t-shirt creation process

Thinking about these needs, and many others, Dimona developed a tutorial in partnership with Canva with all the necessary steps for you to create your own prints online and customize your products!

Canva is an easy-to-use platform for creating design pieces that delivers great results for professionals and lay users alike. With Canva , you can develop prints and other images without needing any knowledge of image manipulation and editing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, or CorelDraw.

Let’s start?! Check below the step-by-step text and video demonstrating how easy it is to create your own prints using Canva for creation, and Dimona for printing your prints on t-shirts!

STEP 1 – Inspiration!

Whether you are a professional designer or not, in any creative process it is important to research references and inspirations to get your idea off the ground. These references can come from well-executed works, prints that you like, or another reference source that can help you develop and translate exactly what you want to communicate!

In addition to Canva ‘s gallery of inspirations , from which you can extract several interesting references, you can choose to use the image bank and templates available in the tool when developing your designs.

Check out the demo below:

STEP 2 – Get to work!

Having defined the references and with the idea of ​​your print in mind, it’s time to put the idea on “paper” and develop the print that will become your personalized t-shirt!

As we mentioned earlier, it will not be necessary to use advanced editing software, or to have experience to develop prints. Basically, everything you need to create your artwork is available within Canva ‘s toolset .

It is possible to create prints with illustrations, photographs available in the image bank, or create your prints by uploading images directly from your computer, Facebook or Instagram. Whether it’s your company’s logo, an art that you developed yourself, or an inspiring phrase that stuck in your head!

Creating your prints from ready-made templates

Are you out of inspiration to create a pattern “from scratch”? How about using one of the images from Canva’s bunch of templates? There are several ready-made compositions, available for you to choose and edit the way you prefer! Check out how practical it is to create, resize and edit your own patterns:

Using the photo gallery and graphic elements to create prints

In addition to ready-made templates, you can create your own prints using Canva’s element galleries. In it you can find photographs, illustrations, geometric shapes, icons and much more for you to create your own personalized prints.

Uploading your own images to Canva

Didn’t find what you needed in the image gallery? With Canva, you can upload your own images to create your t-shirt prints. In addition to the upload tool, you can also connect your account and use your Facebook photos to create prints!

STEP 3 – Creating your custom t-shirt!

Once you’ve completed the process of creating your prints with Canva, it’s time to turn all your creations into t-shirts, without leaving your computer! To do this, download the created image.

Now, let’s get to the customization!

In Dimona’s Studio 3D , you can  visualize the final result of your personalized product . Simply choose the item, add the image, inspect it in 3D, and see whether your customisation came out as you had hoped!

Also remembering that Dimona has several color options and quality fabrics to create the t-shirts you want.