BMW maintenance center in Dubai

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The BMW maintenance in Dubai – Dubai is extremely popular in the world of German automobiles, and it has the largest selection of distinctive and exclusive automobiles on the market. It is possible to find the most exclusive and customized BMWs across the globe. Naturally that if you’re a BMW owner or a enthusiast of cars in general, you must be aware of what BMW repair shops are among the top around town, BMW maintenance.

Why choose The Gearbox to provide Your BMW Service in Dubai?

The Gearbox is among the largest Independent European car service center located in Dubai. Our highly skilled and experienced team is guaranteed to provide a “fix it right the first try” kind of service at the most competitive cost in the market, which is almost 50% less than what dealerships charge! Our expertly selected and knowledgeable BMW technicians and specialists utilize the most modern equipment to identify the root of the problem and offer the best quality of BMW repair services at Our BMW service center located in Dubai. With more than 20 years of expertise in German automotive repair and specialized in Dubai along with our technical team and technicians, we offer the most attentive and thorough hands in the auto industry.

Our experienced BMW repair technicians mechanics, technicians and technicians are skilled in dealing with all BMW repair or maintenance requirements. Since we are an independent BMW repair garage we provide the highest quality service. We stand behind our authentic parts and guarantee to provide you with the best prices available on the market. Our reputation for being able to deliver on time and without sacrificing the quality of our work.

BMW Service:

Whatever model you’re driving which includes the popular 2-series, 3-series 7 series, 4 series, or the i8, we’ve all you require. With over twenty years’ experience maintenance and repair of BMW automobiles in Dubai Our BMW technicians in Dubai are aware of what your BMW functions and the problems that it has to face in the hot UAE climate. We understand the common issues encountered by BMW drivers, such as problems with the gearbox, transmission failure cooling drips and radiator leaks replacement of the battery, restraint system malfunction, failure of the cooling system and problems with door locks as well as interior noises, BMW maintenance.

Km-Based Services for your BMW Services:

Experts in car maintenance often use the “Kilometers driven by a car” system as a reliable measurement of the state of the condition of a BMW. The same system is use to determine what services your BMW requires. To simplify the process this list has been create. an outline of the services are require by a BMW vehicle requires throughout its lifespan.