Best International Cargo Shipping Company

best international cargo shipping company

Freight Forwarding Solutions, an international shipping company based in New York, specializes in a variety of cargo transportation services. Their offerings include international air freight, ocean freight, and land freight.

They also provide comprehensive solutions such as distribution, warehousing, and courier delivery services. Known for their fast, secure, and easily trackable shipping processes, they offer benefits like door-to-door services, customs clearance, and insurance. With a global reach extending to over 220 countries, they have over 25 years of experience in the field.

Their emphasis on efficiency, dedicated customer service, and a proactive business approach sets them apart in the logistics and transportation industry.

FAQ 1: What Services Does Freight Forwarding Solutions Offer?

Answer: They specialize in international air, ocean, and land freight, along with additional services like distribution, warehousing, and courier delivery.

FAQ 2: How Extensive is Their Global Reach?

Answer: Freight Forwarding Solutions boasts a global network, delivering to over 220 countries worldwide.

FAQ 3: What Makes Their Services Secure and Reliable?

Answer: With 25 years of experience, they emphasize secure, fast, and trackable shipping. They also provide insurance and customs clearance for hassle-free transportation.

FAQ 4: Can They Handle Door-to-Door Services?

Answer: Yes, they offer comprehensive door-to-door services for maximum convenience.

FAQ 5: How Do They Ensure Customer Satisfaction?

Answer: Their focus on efficient service, proactive customer support, and a tailored approach to logistics solutions ensures high customer satisfaction.

FAQ 6: Is There a Way to Track Shipments?

Answer: Absolutely, they offer tracking solutions to keep you updated on your shipment’s status.

FAQ 7: Do They Offer Specialized Shipping Solutions?

Answer: Yes, they cater to specific needs with customized solutions for different types of cargo.


Freight Forwarding Solutions stands out for its comprehensive services, global reach, and commitment to customer satisfaction.