Best Air Purifiers In India

air purifier

A high level of pollutants are present in the air in most of the major cities in India. The indoors are not safe as well – in fact, the pollution is higher indoors than outdoors. This has led to the need for air purifiers, especially if you reside in a place with high air pollution levels. They help in getting rid of all the pollutants present in the air, thus improving its quality. They can remove everything from viruses, bacteria and bad odour to smoke, spores and other air pollutants. 

There are many air purifiers available in the market. However, not all of these are efficient. You need to take into account various factors before zeroing on one. To make things simpler for you, we have narrowed the best options in India after considering all the important factors, including the air purifier price. So, here’s a rundown of the top air purifiers. 

KENT Alps Plus UV

This advanced air purification system from KENT is designed as a solution to all your air quality concerns. It is highly effective at filtering out viruses, bacteria, germs and other air pollutants from the polluted air present indoors. This helps in offering only breathable, fresher and cleaner air for the well-being of you and your family. 

The HEPA filter that is equipped within the new KENT Alps Plus UV  is capable of removing 2.5 particulate matter as well. It features a 3-step filtration technique that helps in removing 99.97% of pollutants from the air around. There is also a UV LED light placed after the filters, which helps in getting rid of viruses and bacteria present in the air. Further, it has an activated carbon filter to remove odours like that of benzene, VOCs, cigarette, formaldehyde and pets.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

This air purifier from Dyson features a glass HEPA filter capable of filtering out 99.95% of pollutants and microscopie allergens. It also has an activated carbon filter for removing VOCs, odours and other gases. Its 350-degree oscillation ensures that air flows all through the room. Dyson Pure Hot+ Cool comes with different settings for night time, which help the appliance in purifying the air without producing more noise. So, there’s no disturbance allowing you to sleep peacefully. 

Mi Air Purifier 3

Mi Air Purifier 3 features a 360-degree layer technology for filtering out air pollutants. Its smart app control ensures convenience to users and makes it a great buy. The integrated HEPA filter and activated carbon filter are capable of getting rid of 99.97% of pollutants. It is ideal for rooms measuring around 480 square-feet. The best features of this air purifier are its 3-layer composite filtration technology with HEPA filter, OLED touch display option for choosing different modes and real time air quality indicator and monitor. 

Honeywell Air Touch

Honeywell Air Touch is yet another good choice to consider with vents on both sides. Its 3D airflow technology ensures that pure and clean air reaches all over the room. As for its filtration stages, it has a pre-filter and an HEPA filter followed by an activated carbon filter. This Honeywell purifier is capable of purifying the air in a room measuring around 320-square-feet in merely ten minutes. It can remove everything, including microscopic contaminants, allergens, toxic gases, odour and VOCs. 
These are the best choices that you can make if you are looking for the most effective room air purifiers in India. You can also consider installing a car air purifier so that you can breathe in fresh air while on the go. This can ensure that you have access to fresh air most of the time.