Ashok Leyland & Mahindra Efficient Mileage Commercial Vehicles

Mahindra Jayo

A truck equipped with Advanced Digital Driver Assist is a suitable choice for those wanting to purchase a vehicle offering better safety. On the contrary, if you’re looking to invest in a cost-efficient commercial vehicles, a Mahindra Jayo equipped with iMAXX technology may suit you well.

We are bringing top Ashok Leyland and Mahindra models to meet your daily needs. So let’s look at the details for more information about the models.

1. Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE Truck

Equipped with an Advanced  Digital Driver Assist (ADDA), the Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE Truck is manufactured to carry heavier loads easily, providing a maximum torque of 450 NM. In addition, it has a total fuel tank capacity of 185 ltr with 5.5-6.5 KMPL of mileage. 

Moreover, It has an H series BS6-4 cylinder CRS with an i-Gen6 Technology engine, providing durable engine valves and valve seats aimed for CNG operation. The engine also produces 150 HP maximum power.

In addition, this has a wheelbase of 3950 MM and a GVW of 16100 kg. Ashok Leyland 6-Wheeler is a diesel-based vehicle that ensures low-maintenance and higher savings per trip,  available at Rs. 23.24 Lakh – 24.78 Lakh.

2. Mahindra Jayo Truck

Equipped with iMAXX telematics technology, Mahindra Jayo Truck gives best-in-class fuel economy and a high loading capacity, ensuring comfortable and cost-efficient intra and intercity cargo transportation.

Moreover, this offers an efficient mileage of 11 KMPL and a fuel tank capacity of 60 ltr, covering long distances in a single go. Mahindra has a wheelbase of 2654 MM and a GVW of 4990 kg.

It is enhanced with a mDi Tech, with an ECR+SCR Technology engine, producing an 80 HP maximum power. In addition, this Mahindra Jayo truck model promises high payload and mileage. However, this model costs between Rs. 9.98 Lakh and 10.40 Lakh.

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