An Introduction to the Basics of Baseball

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the States. Some of the many other countries where baseball is widely enjoyed include Cuba, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Families and friends come together to watch and enjoy the matches together.  For some it becomes an excuse for a reunion, for some, it is a way to escape the piled-up work, and some watch it while imagining themselves on the field. Some take it as a chance to bet money on one of the teams on an online website such as 꽁머니 with the hope of a profitable return. While there are various sports enjoyed around the world, today, we will be looking into some of the basics of Baseball that you should know. Before reading ahead, here’s a small activity: think of what you already know about baseball.

History of Baseball

To know about any sport, it’s always best to start from the very beginning of that sport. Not officially baseball but there were already games that existed in the mid-18th century which consisted of a bat and ball. Baseball evolved from these various bat and ball games in England. Immigrants that came to North America carried along their love for this game. As people got to know about this game even more now, a new version of the game started to be made.

It was in the US that the game started to take the shape of what we know now. The modern rules of the game were set in the mid-19th century with the first game taking place in 1846. Eventually, years later this game had become a national sport in the US and started to become popular elsewhere as well (Wikipedia, 2024). Today, baseball is played and enjoyed by millions around the world with professional leagues and international tournaments taking place.

Rules of Baseball

Besides knowing the history of a game, it is essential to understand how it works. The game consists of nine players on each team, with a total of nine innings. Teams take turns batting and playing defense in each inning. The pitcher stands on a raised mound, while the batter stands adjacent to the home plate. The objective is to score more runs than the opponent by hitting the ball and running around the bases. Picture a field with four bases set 90 feet apart in a diamond format. The batter’s goal is to hit the ball and advance through the bases before returning home. If the opposing team catches a fly ball or tags a baserunner before they reach home plate, the player is out. Each team has three outs per inning

Now, you know the history and basic rules of the baseball game. You may be intrigued by the game or need clarification on how you feel about it. It is always good to try new things so when you have time why not give baseball a shot maybe you might hit a home run.