Actionable Tips to Boost Customer Engagement With Video

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Apart from generating leads and acquiring new customers, the one thing that smart brands discerningly thrive for is, customer retention. There is nothing that speaks volumes about the quality of a company’s products or services than a returning customer. Repeated sales are in fact, an important indicator of a brand’s success. After all, long-term loyal customer relationships are the ultimate key to business growth.

In this day and age, a crucial factor that contributes to customer retention is engagement. A brand that keeps customers actively interested in their content as well as products, is bound to create lasting relationships, and in turn, a rock-solid customer base.

Given that the majority of customers, irrespective of age group, use digital media, and social channels in particular, video content is undoubtedly the single most powerful means to improve engagement. Statistics further suggest that video is the most in-demand content format globally, with more than 54% of customers preferring to watch videos of brands over other types of content.

Clearly, video is a must-leverage means to improve customer engagement and thrive in the long run. Whether you are a small business owner or an established entrepreneur, it is important to invest in professionals for video production in Chicago, to stand out and grab customer attention.

Here are some actionable tips on how to tap into the full potential of video to improve customer engagement for your business.

Put your Customers first – Adopt an Empathy-Driven Approach

One of the first things to pay attention to when devising strategies to boost engagement with video is to adopt a customer-centric approach. This means, all concepts, stories, scripts, and presentations made to produce video content, should be created with the end-users’ benefits or value in mind. Put yourselves in the shoes of your customers and craft video concepts that resonate with them, their pain points, challenges, conveniences, and preferences. Craft ideas that highlight the benefits or advantages of using your products and services, rather than the features directly. This allows customers to feel connected with your brand and valued in terms of having their issues addressed.

Use the Power of Story-Telling

Storytelling is a powerful and proven-effective strategy that helps create engaging video content. It uses a narrative-style presentation that takes the viewer through a meaningful series, at the end of which a message is conveyed, or an action is sought. Utilize it and craft video concepts to talk about your brand and spread awareness, about your new product, services, etc. Club the storytelling narrative with your empathy-driven approach to creating value-packed videos that will make a profound impact on the viewer’s mind. Experienced Chicago product photography and videography companies can help you maximize your storytelling capabilities.

Make your Video Mobile-Responsive

Considering that a large share of all online activity, including video consumption happens on a mobile device, it is crucial to make your video mobile-responsive. A video that doesn’t load well, or appears distorted on a smartphone or a similar device will likely be abandoned by the viewer.

Additionally, most short-form video content is posted on portrait-oriented platforms. Hence, ensure to create videos in portrait mode to save users from the hassles of having to flip their phone horizontally.

The key to conveying a message effectively through video is to make it as convenient for your audience to watch it, lest you stand the risk of bounces halfway through the video.

Make your Call to Action Clear and Sensible

Ensure that your video has a clear and straightforward call to action. Depending on the content and purpose of the video, your CTA could be anything from requesting viewers to follow your social pages, to comment on your posts, check out a product, sign up for a service, etc. Craft a story and a narrative that resonates with the viewer, and seal it by including a sensible CTA, which leads viewers to think, get inspired, and perform the action. Qualified experts in Chicago video production typically have tried and tested strategies to incorporate powerful CTAs seamlessly.

Share the Video Strategically

Creating a powerful video is only half the job. It is only when you ensure that the video reaches the relevant people that your mission is complete. For that, disseminate the video through the most effective channels, strategically. In other words, create versions of the same video to suit different platforms and link back to the main video. Use all platforms that your audience uses to share the video and gather insights to improve effectiveness in due course.

Wrapping up

While video content is the most effective of all content formats today, it is crucial to optimize it for engagement, to reap the desired results. From crafting impactful narratives to making mobile-friendly videos, there are several pointers to keep in mind when producing videos. Use the actionable tips mentioned above to improve engagement on your videos, and increase customer retention.

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