8 Important Tips to Choose Laptops for Business Travel

intel vpro

The best travel laptops are small, light, and easy to carry. These devices are packed with great power that lets you perform various heavy-duty tasks like designing, video streaming, etc.

This model offers a set of functionalities like ultra-advanced processors, high-voltage RAM, huge storage, advanced battery, etc. Due to these functionalities, you can take your laptop to business meetings, conferences, etc. 

This helps in the timely completion of professional duties. But what are the features required to see while buying a laptop for business purposes?

Battery Life: 

A business laptop should have a runtime battery life of at least 10 or 12 hours. It usually comes in a low-budget range. If you go for expensive models, 13 hours of battery life is possible. A 3,500 milliamp-hour (mAh) capacity powerpack will likely run for longer than one with 3,000mAh.

Make sure that your business travel laptop can handle the day-to-day workloads efficiently. Typically, Intel vPro processors can quickly expedite the functioning of your system.

A 3,500 milliamp-hour (mAh) capacity power pack will likely run for longer than one with 3,000mAh.

Hard Drives:

Many modern programs need a lot of performance, so your laptop should have at least 8GB of RAM capabilities. There should also be enough memory functionalities to ensure faster access and transfer of data.

Typically, the device must have solid-state drives instead of hard-disk drives, as SSDs are more durable than their counterparts.


Simply, higher performance needs better cooling. Usually, slimmer laptops have the worst fans, which can create issues. These problems can throttle the performance of your overall device.

A hard ventilation system makes your laptop noise louder while performing different tasks. So, it’s essential to take a close look at the ventilation process in your laptop.

Smooth Operations and App Compatibility:

Your laptop’s operating system is vital to boosting your device’s performance. An advanced operating system offers seamless, expansive storage, an ideal option for professionals. 

The most important part of your device is the CPU. Thanks to the range of ways available to judge the power of processors. The two most common types of processors are usually used in laptops like Intel and AMD.


Random Access Memory is a short-term data storage for processing tasks like performing excel calculations. It can also perform CAD imaging more efficiently.

RAM comes in a range of sizes and speeds. It can also be translated into more speed. Typically, for any business computer, 4GB RAM is the minimum capacity, even for those buyers who are dealing with budget constraints.

Clear Communication:

For all kinds of business travelers, videoconferencing is vital. Video calls can suffer from weak connections or background noise. It becomes difficult to communicate with colleagues. 

First, it is vital to consider the built-in camera in your laptop. Cameras come up in a range of resolutions and placements. If you have to perform online video calls, then a 720HD camera is the minimum.

Make sure your laptop has a built-in microphone. If your laptop offers AI noise-canceling features, then you experience noise-cancellation technology. Due to noise-cancellation software, you can experience better audio input and minimum background noise.


Security is critical in the business arena. Organizations that use Windows PCs should get systems with a Trusted Platform Module(TPM) and some biometric authentication method.

A fingerprint reader and a camera capable of Windows Hello for Business facial recognition for secure password-free logins.

Some business-oriented laptops support service manageability functionalities such as Intel vPro processors extension. This helps IT teams in diagnosing defaults.


Every laptop needs special storage space to slash everything from the day’s emails to huge video files. It gets stored either in a traditional hard drive(HDD) or a solid-state drive(SSD).

SSDs are more reactive and expensive compared to their counterparts.

Wrapping Up:

The best business travel laptop should offer you a good experience without external accessories. Your computer must have particular functionalities to run multiple programs simultaneously. This will help you in performing official duties more efficiently.