What Happens During Preventive Maintenance Of An Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning maintenance in Worth TX is one of the most important aspects to take into account in air conditioning systems, in order to keep them in optimal conditions. Regardless of the model of the equipment, over time, dust accumulates, parts wear out, among other common effects of its use, which end up decreasing efficiency and increasing the risk of problems. By scheduling preventive maintenance, the technician is responsible for reducing them, performing cleaning and can improve the useful life of the units by 48% and avoid losses due to low efficiency of up to 15%.

It is recommended that services be performed at least twice a year before the peak seasons of summer and winter begin. Many people wonder what is done during maintenance, and this depends mainly on what type of system it is: air conditioning, heating or hybrid.

Heating system maintenance

Heating system services include an inspection of the elements that heat the air. During the visit, technicians will check, clean or replace the filter. They will also inspect the exterior of the furnace and vent system for signs of wear and tear and make any necessary repairs.

They will then inspect the interior elements for signs of wear or damage, including:

  • Ignition system.
  • Blower.
  • Engines.
  • Pressure switches.

Since heating consumes more energy than air conditioning, it is more important to check all the elements, since the energy can rise by more than 50% due to a component being damaged. The thermostat also needs to be checked and calibrated, which can prevent it from working overtime unnecessarily.

Air conditioning system maintenance

The air conditioning system requires preventive maintenance programs over longer periods, although it is just as important. Technicians will also check the filter to ensure that the air flows properly, as well as all the interior parts, if the refrigerant gas that is responsible for cooling the air is at the appropriate levels and there are no leaks, otherwise the necessary actions must be taken.

Equally important is to inspect the electrical components for wear or damage that could cause a short circuit. In the case of mini splits or similar systems with indoor and outdoor units, the latter should be cleaned, checked for obstructions and leveled for optimal performance.
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