Why choose a platinum band for your solitaire ring?

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While most of us are decided that we want diamond rings, the main confusion arises while choosing the metal for the band. Gold, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold- there is a variety of choices today. Hence, confusion is understandable. Among these, platinum is a popular choice among men as well as women. It is crucial to choose the metal wisely to make sure the diamond is settled strongly. Here we are sharing some of the advantages of choosing a solitaire ring with a platinum band.

The colour never oxidizes or fades

If you choose gold, you need 18K or 14K to set a diamond. Anything softer than 18K cannot hold a diamond properly and easily gets dented or broken. But on the other hand, 18K or less gold gets oxidized and dull from the moisture and humidity over the years. You need to polish the band occasionally to ensure your ring looks as good as new. But platinum poses no such problem and remains shiny forever. The metal is one of the purest options available and it will always remain shiny.

It becomes a family heirloom

Since platinum is so strong and enduring and does not loses its colour, it can last for generations without losing its shine. As a result, it is a family heirloom for many households. Moreover, platinum does not get scratched easily. The metal gets displaced on rare occasions when it gets scratched but barely any metal is lost. However, in the case of gold or silver, a significant amount of metal gets lost in the process. Thus, platinum is more suitable as a family heirloom than any other metal. Platinum maintains its volume over the years, unlike other metals. Thus, its value remains the same making it an investment that lasts for generations.

The diamond’s clarity remains intact

The highest quality diamonds are usually transparent and very clear. Hence, it reflects the colour of the metal band perfectly. When set in yellow gold or rose gold, the diamond reflects the colour of the metal. But on platinum, the diamond looks the clearest. Moreover, the white colour of platinum enhances the brilliance of your Heart cut diamond engagement rings. Even if you are choosing white gold, it is not as brilliant as platinum. This is why you get the best effect from the platinum and diamond combination. This holds for coloured diamonds too since the base of the diamond is white.

The best setting for diamonds

The diamond setting is most secure when the metal band is strong. Platinum provides the safest setting for your diamond. Platinum moves from its position when pressure is applied on the metal, rather than breaking. As a result, the setting of the diamond does not get compromised with this metal. Platinum prongs will not dent or break away when you apply force like gold, which is brittle. When you get a platinum ring band, you can rest assured about its standard and quality. It is crucial to choose a metal which is hard and yet malleable enough to securely hold the diamond in place. Keeping the above points in mind will help you choose synthetic diamond rings which are made with platinum bands.