Top Infra Equipment’s for Construction Business

Wheel Loader

Infra professionals have an overarching responsibility when it comes to construction project management. Right from mapping out the project’s blueprint to its completion phase, the stakeholders invest generously in resources to maximize output. 

For example, in R&D, workforce, heavy-duty equipment, and so forth. Speaking of heavy-duty machines, compactors & wheeled loaders are some of the most used equipment types used in projects. 

In fact, these equipment from brands like CAT & LiuGong are the first choice of infra professionals. Hence, let’s dig in depth to understand the specifications and functionalities of both of these best-selling models. 

Featuring Top 2 Construction Equipment from CAT & LiuGong

1. CAT CS78B Compactor 

This model from CAT India has surpassed all the work output expectations. Rightly so, the machine comes with an operating weight of 18760 kg. Such a massive operating capacity significantly helps increase work output. 

Additionally, the 2134 mm of the drum width of this compactor machine facilitates the reduction of the material’s size with utmost precision. Moreover, the model can generate up to 173 HP, thanks to its powerful engine. Besides, the fuel tank capacity of this machine is 332 ltr, henceforth ensuring high efficiency at work. 

2. LiuGong CLG 856H Wheeled Loader

This wheeled loader features a 3 cum bucket capacity. This particular functionality helps in loading bulk at once with ease. Additionally, this model has an operating weight of 18,600 kg, hence delivering tremendous work output. 

Moreover, the 220 HP of this wheel loader ensures higher work performance at construction & mining sites. Besides, the tipping load capacity of this equipment is 12400 kg. Hence, all these attributes merge to increase productivity at on-site jobs. 

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