Top Heavy-duty Equipment’s Specifications in India

JCB Backhoe Loader Price

The Indian infrastructure industry and heavy-duty equipment sector are quite interconnected. To illustrate, the development of one industry determines the success of another. For instance, to ensure project completion & on time, contractors must deploy heavy-duty machinery. 

On the other hand, manufacturers decide the heavy-duty machines supply by determining the machines’ demands from the infra industry. Two brands which have championed this market play are JCB & Tata Hitachi. 

This is because both these brands heavily invest in resources & technology. For example, from R&D, the companies strive to manufacture innovative equipment delivering high output.  

Heavy-duty Equipments from Tata Hitachi & JCB 

1. Tata Hitachi EX 70 Super Plus 

The operating weight of this machine is around 7000 kg. Such a massive weighing limit surpasses the work output expectations of infra professionals. Additionally, the engine of this excavator can generate up to 55 HP. This functionality in particular increases work output for small-scale projects. 

Moreover, with a 0.68 bucket capacity, the equipment can easily carry heavy loads at once. This subsequently, increases work efficiency while reducing downtime. 

Above all, the excavator can dig up to 4150 mm into the ground, thanks to its massive depth capacity. Besides, all these specifications come inbuilt, having a competitive Tata Hitachi price range of Rs. 30-32 Lakh. 

2. JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader 

To begin with, the machine can facilitate a range of tasks effortlessly with its maximum operating weight of 1800 kg. Additionally, the model comes equipped with 110 ltr of hydraulic oil capacity. This particular feature can ultimately enliven fuel efficiency.

Moreover, the backhoe loader can lift heavy materials at once with its 1 cum bucket capacity & spectacular lifting capacity. Besides, the machine can reach up to 3000 mm in height, increasing work productivity. Further impressive is this JCB machine price range, starting from Rs. 35 to 38 Lakh. 

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