The Science of Compatibility: Kundli Matching Explained

kundli chart

Kundali Matching is an important ceremony that takes place before marriage and is necessary and a decisive factor in concluding a marriage. India is a land of cultures, traditions, rituals, diversity, and religions. Our country is known all over the world for its rich traditions alone. Most people tend to confuse the art of kundalini matching with superstitious beliefs, but it is true far beyond that. Let’s explore more about the debate between matchmaking Kundli beings’ superstition or science.

Kundali Matching – Superstition vs Science

Well, let me burst your bubble because Kundali matching is far from superstitious belief because it involves a lot of knowledge about a lot of things. For example, a concept
Janam Kundali is the basis of Kundali matching. An individual’s Janam kundli is a snapshot sky at the exact time and date the individual was born. It translates into the positions
of planets in the sky. Each planet in our Jan kundali affects a certain aspect of our life. The positions of the planets in the various houses of our kundli chart determine how the sectors of life develop the planets they deal with will be affected. This article will explain the science of kundali matching through a discussion and explanation of the sixth house in our natal charts.

Role of Sixth House in Kundali Matching

The area of life that the sixth house deciphers for a person is unique and crucial. It is about human health and well-being. It also refers to the level of courage a person has in himself and the attitude with which he faces the struggles and struggles of life. He faces struggles, obstacles and shortcomings in his life. It is the sixth house that tells us how to do it. We shall face such struggles and either succumb to them or emerge victorious. So a the benefic planet must be placed in the sixth house for these factors of life to prosper the life of a native.

Signs and planets associated with the sixth house

  • The sixth house of astrology is associated with the zodiac of Virgo because Virgo is in sixth place in the
  • realm of horoscopes. Planet Mercury is the natural sign of the sixth and sixth house
  • the house is also in a favourable position for the placement of Mercury. However, the sixth house has a weak
  • influence on the Sun, Moon and the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

Areas of life dealt with by the sixth house

The central themes and issues dealt with by the sixth house are the employment sector and service. The placement of planets in the sixth house of our charts tells us what type of career we have.

We will have, in which field we will work, which work suits us and in which field we will be successful. It also tells about the kind of colleagues we will meet, the working atmosphere we have with whom we will deal, the types of seniors we will work under, our workplace equations and so on.
The advice given by the sixth house of astrology is to keep your health in check, to maintain its regularity and a healthy lifestyle. Each house of astrology also deals with specific parts of the body. The sixth house, is the stomach, digestive tract and intestines. Another strong one indication of a favourable placement in the sixth table is getting a job in the armed forces or somewhere to protect the nation.

Significance of the sixth house in Kundali matching

As mentioned earlier, the sixth house translates into how an individual deals with challenges, struggles, hostility and obstacles they face in life. The positive aspect of the sixth house will enable the natives to be strong in the face of struggle and hardship and bless them with it courage to overcome such problems. The professions with which the sixth house is related are healers, doctors, armed forces, police, society helps and others. It also deals with important legal regulations problems, disputes, the concept of lawsuits, justice and so on.
Health is also an essential feature of the sixth house. It tells us if we will be cursed with certain diseases or if they will be healthy and live long in life.

Experts agree! Science is Astrology, Compatibility depends on Science

Surrendering our curiosity, we all read a horoscope in a newspaper or magazine at least once in our life. The study of science has never properly confirmed the claims of astrologers, but some people think that astrology is scientific. Scientists, doctors and psychologists have now begun to logically understand how a person’s character can have something to do with astrology.

From past experience, some people feel that they can no longer trust their intuition or judgment for a partner. The relationship will flourish if people understand that Kundli Matching is an important process and will work best in their favour. You can say that the real science of Jyotish is the eye of the Vedas. Nowadays kundali matching becomes more important. In a country like India, people are heavily dependent on faith and trust that was instilled in childhood.