The Best Music for Productive Assignment Sessions

What do you think Pandora, Spotify, iTunes and YouTube all have in common? If you say they are some of your favourite go-to sites to hear music, you have to tune in more often. According to the best minds associated with Brisbane assignment writing help services, studying and writing assignments while hearing the right type of music can make you feel less stressed, more focused, and intelligent.

In fact, as per a study by Stanford University in 2007, science does say that music can aid our memory recall and enable us to pay attention to our assignments remarkably.

Curious to know more? Simply sit back, grab your earphones, and master how different genres of music can be more than just music to your ears.


Mike Richardson, an eminent stalwart who often caters to ‘do my assignment Australia’ requests, strongly claims that most studies have demonstrated a remarkable link between classical music and improvements in cognitive ability. Popularly referred to as ‘the Mozart effect’, most tend to claim that listening to Mozart will make you smarter. While this isn’t exactly true, at least one study has shown that listening to pieces of Mozart can enhance one’s spatial reasoning for 10 to 15 minutes.

Irrespective of whether you listen to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or other famous composers, you are sure to notice side effects like improved mood and increased productivity.

Timed Tempos

Countless studies have demonstrated that music timed at 60 beats per minute can help put students’ minds at ease. It also shows that putting brains into a more productive mode helps improve creativity.

As per Music in the Classroom, it also helps regulate the brain’s rhythm, regulating movement and enhancing impulse control. This balances the specialised powers of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.


This broad genre includes everything from atmospheric music, slow to pulse-pounding electronic dance music (EDM). If you go through eminent Brisbane assignment help forums, you will know that electronic music has earned quite popularity among college and university students in current years. The good news is it is excellent for study sessions too. We recommend the Spotify playlist of Ambient Electronic. It includes nearly 77 hours of music. You can even listen to YouTube, which has channels like Chillihop Music that host live radio playlists for studying.

Nature Sounds

This kind of ‘music’ is perfect for those students who are not so into classical music. Nature sounds are known to improve concentration levels and keep the mind of the listener involved at a more subconscious level. Online assignment help Australia It can also be incredibly calming, so most use it to help with meditation and to fall asleep instantly.

Indie Music

Indie music can be an excellent background noise that can calm you down effectively when studying and working on assignments. It can also enhance your memory.

You may also realise that it’s incredibly easy to remember song lyrics than to recall crucial concepts and theories. This is because they include repetition and rhyming, and your brain looks for patterns to form a remarkable comprehension.

Remember, whatever music you decide to listen to shouldn’t distract you. All you need to do is make a quick search on YouTube, hit play, and it helps you improve your concentration in the blink of an eye!


Music can calm you down, elevate your mood, and motivate you to stay focused and study for longer timespans. Read on to know different genres of music that truly put your mind into study mode so that you can be productive and retain as much information as possible.