Setting up Wavlink Aerial HD4 Outdoor extender

If you’re looking to improve your wireless coverage outdoors, the Wavlink Aerial HD4 Outdoor Extender is a great option. With its high-power amplifier, it can help reduce dead zones in your location.Dual-band connectivity and a top speed of 600 megabits per second are both features of the Wavlink Aerial HD4 AC1200. To get started, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of Setting up the Wavlink Aerial HD4 Outdoor extender.

Depending on your requirements and usage, we’ll go over three different Wavlink Aerial HD4 outdoor extender installation choices in this article.

  • Repeater mode
  • Router mode
  • The LAN bridge

 Wavlink Aerial HD4 AC1200 Outdoor Extender

The following are some instructions for setting up the router mode on a Wavlink Aerial HD4 outdoor extender:

  • The Wavlink AC1200 power over Ethernet (POE) box should first be connected.
  • The Aerial HD4 outside extender must be linked to the POE box’s Ethernet wire.
  • Using the same connection box, attach the second Ethernet wire to your main router or modem.
  • The WAVLINK-N network can now be accessed by any wirelessly capable device.
  • After you’ve connected, open a web browser and go to or
  • The Wavlink Aerial HD4 outdoor extender setup page may be found here.
  • the default password is “admin”
  • Make “Router” your booster’s name, then.
  • Change the security to WPA2-PSK ( recommended ). Next, enter the password for your extender and select “Next.”
  • We have now successfully set up the Wavlink AC1200 in router mode.

In case you are having any trouble with the Wavlink Aerial HD4 Outdoor Extender Setup process.Feel free to contact our technical support staff for free help at our toll-free helpline or by live chat.

Wavlink Aerial HD4 Outdoor Extender Repeater Mode Configuration

Set your extender to repeater mode as one of the simplest solutions.Follow the steps listed below to complete the Wavlink Aerial HD4 Outdoor Extender Setup in repeater mode:

  • The Aerial HD4 POE connection should first have a power source connected.
  • Connect the POE’s Ethernet connection to the Wavlink Aerial HD4 extender after it has a strong green signal.
  • Laptops, phones, and other devices with wifi capabilities should be removed from the area.
  • For the WAVLINK-N network, also check the wireless options menu.
  • After establishing a connection to the default network, open a compatible web browser.
  • Now enter or ap.setup.
  • The settings page for the Wavlink Aerial HD4 extender is where you are now.
  • Type in the standard username and password.
  • Currently, the extender is set up to act as a repeater on your current WiFi network.

Wavlink AC1200 firmware update

In order to fix any problems you may encounter when using your extender (whether it is not offering the desired speed or something else), you will need to upgrade the firmware on your Wavlink AC1200. It offers new features that will assist you in solving your problems in addition to more security features.

To update the firmware on your Wavlink AC1200, follow these steps:

  • Turn your Wavlink Aerial HD4 on.
  • Consider any mobile device.
  • Go to Ap.setup.
  • Choose settings and then firmware upgrade.
  • Follow the steps to finish the firmware upgrading process.
  • Don’t unplug the booster during that period because it will take a moment.

Your Wavlink AC1200’s firmware can now be updated.

What is the Wavlink Aerial HD4 AC1200 Outdoor Extender reset procedure?

If you want to recover your admin username or password after forgetting it, you must do a factory reset on your booster.When you reset the Wavlink AC1200, it clears all of your personal data, including passwords, usernames, and SSIDs, to get your extender ready for a fresh Wavlink Aerial HD4 Outdoor Extender Setup process. 

To reset the Wavlink AC1200 Aerial HD4, follow these steps:

  • A power supply needs to be connected to the Wavlink AC1200.
  • Behind a tiny hole, look for the factory reset button.
  • Possibly on the repeater’s side panel.
  • For 8 to 10 seconds, hold down the reset button with a paperclip.
  • It will automatically restart in a short while.
  • With your extender, you can now start the new setup procedure.

Use our toll-free number or live chat if you need any additional help configuring your Wavlink AC1200.