Industrial Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know

Industrial hearing loss

Industrial hearing loss is a common condition that people experience if they work at a place where they get continuous exposure to loud noise. If not identified and treated at the right time, it can lead to permanent damage to the ears as well as other health complications. Here is a complete guide on the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of this condition. 

Causes of Industrial Hearing Loss

Following are some of the common causes of industrial hearing loss:

  • Working in a place where there is excess noise can lead to hearing loss.
  • At times, people can develop acoustic trauma when they hear someone repeatedly shouting at them over a call. 
  • Exposure to some toxic chemicals can also result in temporary or permanent hearing loss. 

Once you develop hearing loss, there are several symptoms that you will notice. 

Symptoms of Industrial Hearing Loss

Some of the notable symptoms of industrial hearing loss include:

  • At times, you can suddenly stop hearing either temporarily or permanently in one or both ears. 
  • When there is excessive background noise, you might not be able to hear what is being said.
  • You will have to increase the sound of the television and radio to hear the sound properly. 
  • You might face problems in hearing high-pitched sounds like women’s or children’s voices.
  • There can be instances when you miss out on portions of conversation which indicates a gradual hearing loss.
  • You will notice the development of tinnitus over time. 

As soon as you start noticing the symptoms, go to a hearing clinic for treatment at the earliest to minimise its effects.

Treatment of Industrial Hearing Loss

Treating hearing loss is extremely challenging. At times, there is no treatment for this condition. People developing diseases like tinnitus have to rely on long-term treatments like ‘de-tinnitising’ amplifiers. Doctors can also prescribe sound therapy classes to improve hearing capabilities. However, you can avoid the occurrence of industrial hearing loss by taking certain precautionary measures.  

Prevention of Industrial Hearing Loss

Some of the preventive measures that you can take to avoid hearing loss include:

  • Employers should ensure that there is no loud noise that can damage the hearing ability of employees.
  • Employers can conduct hearing check-ups for individuals exposed to loud noise and ototoxic chemicals. 

Following these measures are essential as there can be several safety and health concerns of developing hearing loss. 

Hearing Loss Leads to Other Safety and Health Concerns

Some of the safety and health concerns of hearing loss include:

  • Hearing loss can pose a risk to the safety of individuals when they are home or at work.
  • Continued exposure to sound can lead to heart problems as well as issues in mental health.
  • If pregnant women are exposed to loud noise, it can have adverse effects on their babies. 

As soon as you start noticing the symptoms of industrial hearing loss, consult a doctor. Early treatment prevents the condition from worsening and ensures that you can manage it.