How to lose weight? Weight Loss Counseling

Some tips to lose weight faster and lose belly include exercising regularly and eating slowly, because they help speed up metabolism and control hunger throughout the day, promoting weight loss. In this article we are providing you tips to lose weight and weight loss counseling.

Prioritizing foods high in fiber, such as legumes, fruits, vegetables, and greens, is also crucial. That’s because these foods take longer to digest in the stomach, reducing hunger throughout the day.

To lose weight and lose belly in a healthy way, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a nutritionist, to carry out a complete nutritional assessment and plan a diet plan adapted to the needs of each person.

How to lose weight and lose belly

Listed below are some suggestions for quick weight loss and abdominal fat reduction:

Eat slowly and respect satiety

Eating slowly and chewing food well increases the duration of meals, causing a satiated stomach to signal to the brain that the body does not need more food, which reduces food intake, helping to lose weight and lose belly.

To eat slowly, it is advisable to always have meals at the table and avoid distractions, such as television, cell phone or tablet, for example. In addition, putting the cutlery down on the plate between one fork and another also helps to slow down chewing.

Respecting satiety, understanding that it is not necessary to eat all the food on the plate, is one of the most important points to lose weight. You can preserve the remaining food and eat it later, for instance, if you find that you are already satisfied.

Eat lean protein with every meal

Eating lean protein at every meal, such as tofu, egg, fish or chicken, helps you lose weight and lose belly fat, because these foods increase the release of a hormone that promotes satiety, facilitating weight loss.  

Thus, you can include 2 eggs, 1 small chicken fillet or 1 medium piece of fish at lunch or dinner, and 1 natural unsweetened yogurt at breakfast, for example.

  1. Drink more water during the day

Drinking more water during the day helps to lose weight and lose belly, because this drink occupies a volume in the stomach, increasing satiety and decreasing the desire to eat.

Depending on factors including weight, age, and level of physical activity, the recommended daily intake of water ranges from 1.5 to 3 litres. Know the amount of water indicated for each person .

For people with difficulty drinking pure water, you can opt for unsweetened teas or waters flavored with ginger, mint or lemon, for example.

Practicing physical exercises

Practicing between 150 and 200 minutes of physical exercises per week is essential to lose weight and lose belly. Since exercise speeds up metabolism and encourages the breakdown of body fat, this is the case.

Physical exercises should be of moderate to high intensity, at least 3 times a week and should include aerobic activities, such as dancing, running, swimming and cycling, and resistance activities, such as bodybuilding, calisthenics and GAP.

Avoid ultra-processed foods

To lose weight and lose belly, you should avoid the consumption of ultra-processed foods, as they may contain flavorings, sugar and/or fat, ingredients that stimulate the desire to eat and increase the calories in the diet, making it difficult to lose weight.

The following foods should be avoided if possible:

  • Packed cookies and snacks;
  • Ice creams;
  • Breakfast cereals with sugar;
  • Ready-made seasonings and sauces, such as meat broths, mayonnaise, ketchup and salad dressings;
  • Powdered soft drinks and refreshments;
  • Breaded fish and chicken.

In addition, pizza, hamburgers and sausages, mortadella, ham and turkey blanquet are also ultra-processed and can make weight loss difficult.

Eat foods high in fiber

Eating natural and fiber-rich foods at every meal, such as brown rice, whole grain bread, beans, apples, melons, lettuce, squash and tomatoes will help you lose weight and lose belly fat.

This happens because fibers form a kind of gel in the stomach, increasing food digestion time, prolonging satiety throughout the day and thus decreasing food intake.

Avoid getting too hungry

Staying hungry for a long time can hinder weight loss, because many people tend to eat more food than they really need in the next meal.

In addition, when you stay hungry for a long time, it is common to also increase the desire to eat foods high in fat and/or sugar, such as ice cream, snacks, soft drinks and fried foods, hindering weight loss and losing your belly.

Sleep 7 to 9 hours

Sleeping between 7 and 9 hours a night helps to lose weight and lose belly, because it is during sleep that GH is produced, an important hormone for burning body fat. Find out how many hours of sleep are recommended for each person .

Ghrelin, the hormone that increases appetite, is also produced less often while you sleep. Therefore, sleeping is a natural way to balance hunger and facilitate weight loss.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

To lose weight and lose belly, it is recommended to avoid alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, whiskey and sparkling wine, because these drinks are high in calories, making it difficult to lose weight.

In addition, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is usually accompanied by snacks, such as full-fat cheese, salami, jams and french fries, for example, foods that are high in calories and therefore also hinder weight loss.

Keep a food diary

Keeping a food diary, writing down everything you eat throughout the day is a good strategy for losing weight and losing belly, because it improves the perception of what and how you eat, helping to identify what should be kept and what can be be improved in the diet.

In the food diary it is important to note the time of meals, types and amounts of food. In addition, it is also important to write down the place and reason for the meal, how you ate because you were anxious or hungry, for example.  

It is recommended to evaluate the food diary together with a nutritionist, so that it is possible to establish strategies for a healthy diet and sustainable weight loss.

See nutritionist Tatiana Zanin for other tips that help you lose weight faster:

What to do if you can’t lose weight

If you are unable to lose weight, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist so that an assessment of eating habits and other parameters is carried out, and an individualized food plan is drawn up to achieve the goals.

If even with nutritional guidance weight loss does not happen, it is recommended to consult a doctor to investigate whether there is any health problem that is disturbing weight loss.

In cases of health problems, such as gastritis, asthma, osteoporosis, or limited mobility, for example, the guidance of doctors to reconcile the diet with the use of medicines is important, so that it is possible to lose weight while maintaining the quality of life.

What is the best exercise to lose weight?

The best exercises to lose weight are those that stimulate calorie expenditure, as in the case of running or swimming. Aerobic exercises, such as brisk walking, HIIT, and running, increase your heart rate and burn more calories, while resistance exercises, such as weight training, promote muscle growth, which improves your ability to burn calories even during your period