From Raccoon City to Your Halloween Party: DIY Accessories to Pair with Your Leon Kennedy Jacket

Hello friends!

Halloween is coming, and it’s time to get our costumes ready. If you think of dressing up as Leon Kennedy, you are in the right place. Let’s talk about how to make easy and fun DIY accessories to go with your  re4 leon jacket.

Let’s Start with the Shoes

Every good costume starts with the right shoes. For Leon Kennedy’s look, you need cool and strong boots. If you have old boots at home, you can use them. Make them look like Leon’s boots with some paint or straps.

Next, We Have the Gloves

Gloves are important for this costume. They should be fingerless to show that you are ready for action. If you have gloves at home, you can cut the fingers off to make them look right.

A Belt and Holders for Tools

Leon always carries a lot of stuff with him. To show this, add a belt and some holders to your costume. You can make them from old belts or pieces of cloth. Use Velcro or buckles to hold them in place.

Cool Hair

Your hair should look like Leon’s hair. Use hair gel or wax to make your hair stand back. If you have short hair, make it look neat.

Knee Pads for Safety

Adding knee pads will make your costume look more real. It will also keep your knees safe when you move around. You can make knee pads from old cushions or pieces of foam. Cover them with cloth and use bands to hold them in place.

A Holster for Your Toy Gun

Make a holster for a toy gun from old bags or purses. Cut the fabric to look like a holster and attach it to your belt. Remember, it’s just for fun and should be safe.

Little Touches

Now, add some small things to make the costume perfect. Make a fake radio from a small box and paint it black. Add a wire for the earpiece. You can also make fake badges and IDs to show you are an officer like Leon.

Try It On

Before Halloween, try on your costume. Walk around to make sure everything is okay. If something is wrong, you can fix it before the big day.

Face Paint and Makeup

Leon often finds himself in messy situations. Add a bit of face paint or makeup to your costume to get that lived-in look. A little dirt on the cheeks and forehead can complete the look. Use brown or black makeup to add some streaks here and there. You can find easy-to-use face paint in any store that sells costume goods.

Craft Your Badge

In some parts of the story, Leon is seen with a badge that shows he is a special agent. You need some cardboard and colored markers to make your badge. Cut the cardboard into a shield shape and draw a cool design with your markers. You can pin your badge to your jacket or belt to show everyone you are on a mission.

Let’s Talk about Pants

We must remember the pants when we are putting together a great costume. For Leon’s look, dark pants work best. They would be perfect if you have a pair of old dark jeans or cargo pants. The pants should be comfortable because you will be wearing them all night. If you want, you can add some pockets or patches to make resident evil 4 jacket look even cooler.

Make a Map

In the games, Leon always has a mission. He often has to find his way using maps. You can make your map to carry with you on Halloween. Take a piece of paper and draw a fun map on it. It can be a map of your neighbourhood or a map of a made-up place. Carry your map with you; you can pretend to be on a mission like Leon.

All Done!

Now, you are ready for Halloween. With your cool DIY accessories and your Leon Kennedy jacket, you will have the best costume. Have a fun and happy Halloween!