Enhancing Customer Engagement with Automated Outbound Calling Software

Customer Engagement with Automated Outbound Calling Software

Automated outbound calling software is a cloud-based communication technology that allows a business to automatically call customers. Automated outbound call software is a process that enables recorded voice interaction with callers without any human interaction. It allows a business to place concurrent automated outbound call blasts to a larger target audience.

Automated outbound calling software can enhance customer engagement in different ways.

1. Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):¬† A business can record, track and monitor every call while measuring the employee’s performance and customer interaction. A business with automated outbound call software can measure average handle time, first call resolution time, conversion rate, and occupancy rate.

  • The average handle time is the length of calls concerning the total number of calls. The longer handling time means that there has been difficulty in closing a call. It also indicates that the agent is insufficient in addressing the needs of the customer or offering resolution.
  • The number of calls resolved on the first call concerning the total number of calls. The high first call indicates that the agents are doing well and can sell efficiently without wasting any time.
  • It also helps to identify conversion rate which refers to the number of sales a business gets about the total of calls made. A lower conversion rate means that not enough sales were made and the outbound calling strategy needs more work.
  • Occupancy rate is another indicator that refers to the time an agent spends on each call about the amount of unavailable time spent. A low rate for agents indicates that they need to work more for post-call management.

These indicators help a business to work on making customer service delivery more satisfying and customer engagement more productive.

2. Training the agents: The KIPs can be used as tools for better training of the executives and agents. It can be used to offer unconditional customer service. Once the algorithm is used to understand the customer’s needs and market demand; it is used effortlessly to train the customers. Taking the results into consideration and working on them is an effective way of enhancing customer engagement.

3. Manage leads: Outbound calling software helps a business to manage leads. The solution is to track, manage and organize leads and clients within the built-in CRM so that a business can never lose the list of potential customers. A business can pool together all contacts in a place; and manage easy leads. It helps to enhance business productivity and helps to reach more potential customers in a short time.

4. Identify the best call timing: Automated outbound call software helps to identify the best call timing for customer interaction. As all calls are recorded and tracked; it helps the business to record the calling pattern. The pattern helps the business to identify the best call timing for outbound calling. Identifying a particular timing helps a business to connect with the customers at their preferred time which results in better customer engagement.

5. Outbound IVR: A business can use automated outbound call software to remind, and notify customers about different kinds of products and services through automated outbound IVR. It helps a business to get engaged in customer engagement without any live agent interactions. It saves the business time, resource and the agents are offered more productive time. The customers are connected easily and offered seamless communication with minimum effort and it brings maximum benefit to the business.

6.  Leverage Al to optimize the outbound call center platforms: The constant challenge of any business is to improve agent productivity and increase campaign effectiveness. With an Al-powered platform and tools, automated outbound calling software can identify the best time to call, and the best channel to use, and leverage propensity models to optimize their outreach. The solution can also be embarking on an incremental transformation journey that is based on the topmost business priorities.

Al offers an advantage to unlock the true power of data. As businesses have a large amount of data flowing through their applications and systems; the solution helps to organize and offer better customer service. Any business grows every day; the solution helps to collect, store, analyze, and transform the data into actionable insights.