Digitizing the assessment modernly- Assessment Platforms for Teachers

Assessment Platforms for Teachers

Have you ever wondered what profession creates all professions indirectly? The answer is TEACHER. Teachers are the ones that transform a learner into a trained professional. This is the reason why teachers are important and so are their professional skills. 

A great teacher is one that inculcates cognitive, intellectual abilities and market ready skills. They should address all students of different intelligence and retaining power. An updated platform should cater to the teacher so that the assessment process becomes transparent, speedy, accurate and flawless. 

Why do you need assessment platforms for teachers?

Till many decades ago, the assessment involved the usage of papers, extensive intellectual labor. However over the years we realize that the need of the hour is digital assessment platforms for teachers

Let’s put a light on why we need to have assessments for the teachers. Here is the elaboration of these factors  – 

Upgradation of syllabus– 

The academic and competitive exam syllabus changes with time. A timely assessment of students by the teachers helps upgrade the knowledge level of the students and upgrade them as per the academic curriculum of school or universities. The assessment test helps students to attain the  adaptability of the teachers.

  • Readying the teachers for 21st century’s skills– 

The 21st century comes with new skills like digital marketing, web development and many other things. Therefore students need to enhance the knowledge level of the job oriented skills. Once teachers acquired these market ready skills, they have to assess the students in order to check the acquisition of these skills. 

  • Performance analysis of students

At the end of the year, the skills of the students are assessed with the help of software tools. The overall skill acquisition of the students helps identify the high caliber students worthy of scholarship or placements. 

  • Upgradation of skills as per industrial requirements

The new skills of the 21st century come fast and become in demand. The assessment platform for teachers.

  • Feedback of students-

The feedback of students plays an important role in keeping abreast the parents with the improvement of the students. The different assessment platforms for teachers helps the evaluators send the report to the parents of the students. 

Why you need assessment platforms for teachers-

As a teacher or educator, assessment of a student’s academic or competitive learning is a crucial part of your job. But checking the papers, tracking progress and submitting feedback can be tedious and cumbersome,  especially if the class has a large number of students. Fortunately, edtech has made it convenient for educators to evaluate the student’s collective learning through diverse assessment platforms. In this blog, let’s put a light on the advantages of deploying the assessment software platforms for precise evaluation of students by the teachers. 

  • Saves the time- 

A lot of time is spent in the manual marking of answer sheets of the students. The online assessment outnumbers the manual and paper based exam sheets evaluation. The online assessment had made the traditional grading method redundant as it eliminated the need of checking paper copies. The data can be stored and sorted as the spreadsheets, and helps automate the assessment process. The teachers can promptly grade the tests & assignments, and the platform will automatically generate the output results.

  • Convenient customization- 

Many digital assessment platforms for teachers also allow you to carefully customize tests & assignments as per the needs of students. For example, you can develop the MCQs, short length questions & long length questions. In addition, You can also insert images, audio, & videos to your tests and assessments so that the solving experience of students becomes engaging.

  • Prompt and real time Feedback-

The online assessment platforms provide the feedback of the performance of students to them (and their parents if needed). Instead of waiting for a long and unfixed time for the assessment of assignments, the student can have fast access to the result of their assessment. This prompt visibility of assessment results allows the candidates to address weak areas requiring improvement. 

  • Precise Data Analysis- 

Assessment platforms for teachers also equipped with data analysis. This data analysis helps candidates to see their relative performance with their teachers. Thus data analysis helps students in the long run to identify challenging areas of their studies. This analysis can also help teachers modify their teaching methodologies and provide extra support to needy students. 

How to Choose the Right Assessment Platform

The following factors need to be considered before choosing the right assessment platforms for teachers- 

  • Easiness while using-  

The assessment platform you selected should be easy to use. It should have an intuitive interface that allows you to create and grade assessments quickly and easily. It should also be easy for students to use and access their grades and feedback.

  • Subject specific customization-

The checking platform should be customizable as per the different subjects and category of students. This also includes the addition of questions of different levels of difficulty. A 2D animation based video may also enhance the user interface for the teachers. 

  • Encrypted and secure-

The ideal assessment platforms for teachers should be safe, secure and encrypted. The encryption protects candidates’ data and ensures there is no cheating. Thus, this should be an important criteria while selecting the assessment platform. 

  • 24X7 support system- 

The assessment platform for teachers should cater all the technical needs of the teachers. The support mechanism should address the technical issues that a teacher may face while operating.  The platform should also have tutorials, & FAQs. 

Wrapping up!

Let’s conclude now! We have studied the assessment platforms for the teachers in detail. In the above blog, we have understood about the need and advantages of the assessment platforms for teachers

In a nutshell, the assessment platforms provide many advantages to the teachers. From the teacher’s perspective these platforms provide an easy, accessible and convenient way of carrying out the evaluation procedure. You can consult the assessment platforms as per your need, the category of students and types of subjects you are teaching.