Commercial Vehicles For Loading & Unloading Goods

Eicher Pro 2055 Truck

Massive fuel tank capacity in commercial vehicles encourages more trips, helping businesses grow. These businesses easily connect with more dealers, thus successfully running their organization. Moreover, high fuel tank capacity influences the mileage and speed delivered from commercial vehicles. 

Besides, the Eicher truck price has been updated, providing value for money. Both models are given with price and unique specifications. Let’s know more. 

1. Eicher Pro 2055 Truck

Powering 100 HP output from the E366-75 kW-BS6 engine of the Eicher Pro 2055 truck is high performing. Moreover, the model promotes a cleaner environment with a 12V – 100Ah battery using less fuel. 

Besides, the Eicher model features cruise control tiltable steering for better maneuver. Moreover, the tiltable cabin has a compact design for riders’ convenience and comfort. The high deck body provides more space for loading goods. 

Additionally, the GVW (7490kg) and wheelbase (2670kg) enhance the overall performance. Further, the model can endure 4086 kg of payload capacity for a price range from Rs. 13.71 Lakh to 14.46 Lakh. For more information, visit Truck Junction. 

2. Ashok Leyland Partner Truck 

Partnering with Ashok Leyland 6 tyre truck promotes non-stop trips to destinations. It is because a giant fuel tank of 90-litre capacity delivers great mileage and speed. 

Besides, ZD30 Diesel with DDTi Turbo engine gives a high-performing 140 HP output and 360 Nm torque. Moreover, the model gets support with six powerful tyres, enhancing the inclination for bumpy roads.

Additionally, the GVW (7490kg) and wheelbase (3955mm) suits body dimensions and (4579kg) payload capacity. Hence, the massive fuel tank generates 8.5 kmpl mileage for 80 kmph speed. As concluded, the Ashok Leyland truck price ranges between Rs. 13.85 Lakh – 14.99 Lakh.